man meeting with doctor during Residential Treatment programResidential treatment programs provide a place for clients to recover from addiction. The 24/7 care at a residential treatment center in Orange County, CA, builds a lasting foundation for all levels of addiction treatment programs.

What to Expect in a Residential Treatment Program

At our residential treatment center in Orange County, CA, clients get away from addiction triggers. Residential treatment programs provide a safe, drug-free setting to heal from months or years of substance abuse.

Individuals stay at the facility each night anywhere from thirty to ninety days. An addiction specialist recommends the most effective length of stay, depending on the situation. For example, those who require dual diagnosis treatment may be advised to stay in treatment longer to heal from addiction and mental health disorders.

A mix of addiction treatment programs and therapies are utilized to rebuild a solid foundation against addiction habits. Although these programs may also be available in an outpatient setting, inpatient programs are more intensive.

Individuals may participate in the following programs:

There are many programs and techniques that can be utilized for addiction recovery. Talk to a recovery expert to find out which programs will benefit you or your loved one. They will discuss which level of care is best.

Importance of a Residential Treatment Program

Although residential treatment programs are a single level of rehab care, they can be instrumental in addiction recovery.

Staying away from home for treatment helps individuals focus solely on recovery. They’re removed from known and unknown triggers of addiction, as well as from the stress of work, school, and family. With a body free of drugs and alcohol, the recovery process truly begins.

The importance of a residential treatment program can be seen for years to come. The longer a person stays active in addiction treatment, the better their chances for sober living. Although relapse is part of the process, staying in treatment reduces the risks of returning to old habits.

Who Benefits from a Residential Treatment Program?

Those who struggle with severe substance abuse or mental health disorders will benefit from a residential treatment program.

The following disorders alone or co-occurring can be treated residentially:

Residential treatment centers in Orange County, CA, also offer safe places to live during treatment. Even if disorder symptoms are not severe, those who have unstable home lives or unsupportive relationships benefit from residential treatment.

Continuing with Rehab Levels of Care

Levels of care after a residential treatment center in Orange County, CA include:

By using continuing levels of care for addiction treatment, individuals find a more vibrant and sober life with a decreased chance of relapse.

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