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Los Angeles Rehab Center

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Medically Reviewed By: Diana Vo, LMFT

October 12, 2023

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If you are looking for drug addiction help in California, chances are that you have looked into some Los Angeles rehabs. When people look for treatment centers, California is often a coveted location for many reasons, including:

  • beautiful weather and sea breeze
  • access to beaches
  • high-quality treatment programs
  • strong aftercare and alumni communities

These are just some of the great aspects of going to rehab in the Los Angeles area.

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Need help getting addiction treatment?

Let’s take a closer look at Renaissance Recovery’s addiction treatment near LA.

What to Expect at Los Angeles Rehab

Before you join our Los Angeles rehab center, you or your loved one will go through an intake process in which our therapists and clinicians work to answer some of the following questions:

  • Do you require medical detox in a drug rehab center?
  • Which other types of programs do you need? Mental health treatment?
  • What other aftercare services do you require to maintain permanent sobriety?
  • Will you be paying cash or using mental health insurance covers?
  • Can you start attending rehab immediately, or will it be for the future?

These are just some of the questions you can expect during the intake process. The overall goal is to give clinicians and case managers everything they need to develop a personalized treatment plan for you or your loved one’s situation.

You can also schedule a physical meeting with our therapist to learn more about your treatment procedures.

During this process, clinicians will work together to design a custom treatment plan specifically catered to your needs so that clients can get started as soon as possible. Let’s better understand what these treatment plans may look like for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

About Drug Rehab Centers Near Los Angeles

Whether you are looking for a cocaine rehab, struggling with benzodiazepines, dealing with a heroin problem, alcoholism, or another substance, our treatment center has your back.

Levels of Care

At Renaissance Recovery, we can help you find treatment for all levels of addiction care, including:

  • Detox: A detox program at a licensed facility provides supervised detox from drugs and alcohol. During detox, the harmful substances are removed from the body.
  • Inpatient: An inpatient program is a controlled and substance-free environment that offers you around-the-clock medical care as well as robust emotional support.
  • Partial Hospitalization: PHP patients attend counseling and treatment sessions at the rehab center for hours at a time. When they aren’t in treatment, they return to their real place of residence.
  • Outpatient and IOP: Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are treatment programs used to address conditions that do not require detoxification or round-the-clock supervision. Patients continue with their normal, day-to-day lives while receiving treatment.
  • Aftercare and Alumni Program: Our robust alumni program provides rehab aftercare to help you stay sober after successful addiction treatment. We provide a support network of similar-minded individuals who support each other in sobriety.

Addiction Therapy

During your time at one of our treatment programs, you will go through a number of group and individual addiction therapy features including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy and more

Other Treatment Options

Along with the therapeutic features of treatment, clients at Renaissance Recovery’s treatment center will also have a number of helpful aspects to their recovery, such as:

Get Help Today

Whether you are looking for a detox in LA or an inpatient program, the most important thing you can do is take the first step and make that phone call that can change your life.

If you are searching for a helpful treatment center that can set you up for long-term success, reach out to Renaissance now. We can help guide you to the right treatment program for you.

Payment for Rehab in LA

While your situation may be an emergency, one of the biggest barriers that people list when it comes to seeking addiction treatment is finances. Luckily, there are measures in place that can help you pay for the treatment you or your loved one deserves.

The Affordable Care Act stipulates that your health insurance must cover drug and substance abuse treatment costs. Changes in government policies have made insurance companies cover addiction treatment costs. However, the amount of coverage that you will receive depends on your insurance premium.

There are, however, some stipulations and differences between everyone’s insurance policies. But, have no fear, our we have an expert team that can walk you through the process to give you an idea of what you might be looking at in terms of payment. 

Call our admissions team now to learn more about the program and to verify your insurance plan and get the process started.

Renaissance Recovery’s Rehab Near Los Angeles

Whether you are looking for help in Los Angeles or drug rehab in Orange County, Renaissance is here for you. With our advanced evidence-based programs, dual diagnosis treatment options, expert clinical team, and robust alumni and community network, everyone who steps foot through the Renaissance Recovery doors of our Los Angeles rehab center is in an excellent position to get sober and stay on the straight and narrow long term. 



At Renaissance Recovery our goal is to provide evidence-based treatment to as many individuals as possible. Give us a call today to verify your insurance coverage or to learn more about paying for addiction treatment.

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Joseph Gilmore has been in the addiction industry for three years with experience working for facilities all across the country. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn.

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