It’s not always feasible for clients to drop off from their everyday lives to put their health first. Only ten percent of Californians with a substance use disorder received treatment in 2018. With the intensive outpatient rehab program, you put yourself first while still maintaining family or work commitments. IOPs are more time-consuming than regular outpatient programs. This program suits those with less severe addictions and those not requiring dual diagnosis treatment addiction treatment programs in Southern California.

Eligibility for Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program

woman watching sunset thinking about an intensive outpatient rehab programTo be eligible for the intensive outpatient drug rehab in Orange County, you must have a safe and supportive home. You want to be uplifted by your family and friends through the rehab process. Therefore, a safe environment keeps one away from triggers, and others who drink or use drugs. If needed, clients complete a drug and alcohol detox program before entering an IOP.

If you or a loved one is struggling with the pressures and cyle of addiction, come to the intensive outpatient rehab program.

IOP Services

The Orange County intensive outpatient rehab center uses a science-based approach to recovery. The center explores the root causes of addiction with a focus on healing the mind and body. As a result, those unable to recover in the past see a higher success rate in an IOP. Renaissance Recovery offers many addiction treatment programs in Orange County to match your lifestyle and help you transition after residential programs.

Intensive outpatient rehab programs get to know you in order to individualize treatment. At intake, clients meet with clinical and program directors to create a recovery plan. Recovery plans include a variety of therapy sessions and services.

As part of the intensive outpatient rehab program, you may participate in the following:

Benefits of IOP

An intensive outpatient program in Orange County lets you strengthen family relationships, maintain responsibilities, and stay private. Renaissance Recovery understands the pull of demanding jobs or your children at home. IOPs help strengthen and rebuild family relationships through counseling. Although Orange County’s intensive outpatient drug rehab requires a substantial time commitment, you will still have the time to take care of your home or work life. You will receive critical care and be able to take advantage of your family support system. Get the best of both worlds with the intensive outpatient rehab program. Our rehab programs in Orange County, CA strive to prevent relapse, offer support system groups, and building skills.

Renaissance Recovery Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program

Our intensive outpatient rehab program may sound similar to others, but we provide gender-specific and holistic approaches. Programs provide an ideal environment to focus on maintaining your recovery. Recovery occurs when barriers break down, giving you the freedom to lead the life you deserve. Men and women share an addiction. However, they have varying experiences. These are best explored through separate treatment free from distractions. For this reason, we offer both a men’s rehab program and a women’s rehab program in CA.

Contact Renaissance Recovery

Rest assured, even after you leave the Orange County intensive outpatient rehab center, staff continue to follow up. Take your next step in life, knowing Renaissance Recovery always provides support. Contact Renaissance Recovery. Call 866.330.9449 today to get more from an intensive outpatient rehab program in Southern California.

woman at the beach smiling because of an intensive outpatient rehab program