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Severe mental illness has an increased risk of substance abuse. Studies found the odds double in men and women with mood or anxiety disorders that lead to suffering from a substance abuse disorder. When it’s not possible to drop out of your daily commitments, the mental health intensive outpatient program or IOP proves viable. Spend time with your family and keep up with your work while receiving professional mental health IOP treatment at a mental health treatment Center in Southern California.

Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

Mental health and substance use disorders commonly occur together. Mental health IOP is critical for a thorough recovery. If one part of the puzzle is left untreated, there is a great chance of relapse in symptoms and drug use. Experts utilize dual diagnosis in mental health treatment in Southern California to address both conditions.

A mental health intensive outpatient program in Orange County provides a more structured therapeutic environment than regular outpatient programs.  A mental health intensive outpatient program in Southern California addresses the root issues of mental health and substance use symptoms and also makes the most of medication management. Thorough treatment includes a mix of evidence-based and holistic treatment programs to heal the mind and body. Addiction therapy programs used in conjunction with a mental health intensive outpatient program in Southern California include:

Mental health disorders left untreated can lead to bigger issues. To demonstrate, untreated mental health conditions have serious consequences like worsen symptoms, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, incarceration, or homelessness. By the same token, lives are cut all too short by suicide from mental illnesses. For this reason, mental health IOP is critical for your life or a loved one’s.

Benefits of Mental Health IOP

There are many benefits to mental health intensive outpatient programs in Southern California. Although time-intensive, IOP allows you to stay close to your family. It reduces the hassle of balancing daily errands and treatment responsibilities. The program works with your schedule, so you don’t drop out of a demanding career or a loving home life. In the same fashion, treatment maintains a higher level of discretion. Not to mention, more affordable than residential treatment programs.

Equally important, mental health IOP shows you are not alone. In therapy, you are amongst your peers all working towards lasting recovery. Community-focused programs boost your mindfulness, self-worth, and confidence. As listed above, many evidence-based and holistic programs let experts assess your best path to recovery. Additional resources like the vocational development program help you get back on your feet. This program not only creates a plan for clients to successfully learn important life skills but also helps them enroll in school or find steady employment.

In order to put your mind at ease, Renaissance Recovery has programs to address the root issues of your mental health. With more support and stronger foundation, long-lasting recovery stays within reach.

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Complete recovery from co-occurring issues is possible after an intake assessment at Renaissance Recovery Center. That is to say, a healthy life in recovery starts with a strong foundation built by mental health IOP treatment. Overcome your mental health disorder with individualized treatment plans. Our mental health intensive outpatient program leaves you with continued local clinical, emotional, and peer support systems.

Live free from mental health and substance abuse symptoms. Contact Renaissance Recovery to learn more about mental health intensive outpatient programs in Southern California. Call 866.330.9449 today to start your recovery and speak with recovery experts!

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