Living with a substance use disorder is challenging. The fact that so many Americans are struggling with this problem makes it an epidemic in the United States. However, the problem is compounded when people with substance addiction also have a mental health problem. The fact is these two conditions often go together. When this occurs, it’s critical to participate in a dual diagnosis treatment program. At a dual diagnosis treatment program, you can find a pathway to inner healing and freedom from drug addiction.

What is Dual Diagnosis?a man asks his therapist about a dual diagnosis treatment program in orange county ca

A dual diagnosis involves a person who has two conditions occurring simultaneously. In other words, a person is diagnosed with a substance use disorder while at the same time having a mental health condition. Some common mental health conditions that are common with substance use disorder are as follows:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Trauma-related disorders

The substances that are common in those who receive a dual diagnosis include a range of drugs, such as heroin, meth, marijuana, alcohol, or opioid.

How Does a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Work?

When participating in a dual diagnosis treatment program, therapists will help you get to the root of your problem. There are two reasons why people end up needing a dual diagnosis treatment program. One reason is that people with mental health issues turn to drugs or alcohol to soothe their symptoms because they are not getting treatment for their condition. The other reason is that people who use drugs over time change the chemistry of their brains, and they develop mental health conditions. The causes of dual diagnosis depend on each person’s unique situation.

A dual diagnosis treatment program will work to solve any inner conflicts or past trauma you may have that is contributing to your substance use. Solving both mental health and substance use disorders will bring you to the inner peace you need for recovery. Once a person solves the inner trauma and mental health issues, they are much better situated to fight substance use.

Through a dual diagnosis treatment program, you will learn strategies for leading a healthy, substance abuse-free life. Some of the therapies involved in a dual diagnosis treatment program include:

As you learn the tools of inner health, you will find the strategies to combat the outer battles of drug addiction.

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Depending on the exact situation you are facing, you may want to pursue treatment from one or more of the following programs:

Don’t let substance abuse spoil your happiness in life. You can overcome your drug addiction problems by seeking treatment at a dual diagnosis treatment program. Contact us at 866.330.9449, and we’ll help you every step of the way.