woman at beach thinking about addiction treatment programs for herself No two people are the same, so it stands to reason that not everyone develops an addiction for the same reason. As a result, a rehab center needs to offer a variety of addiction treatment programs so that as many people as possible can start on the road to recovery. Renaissance Recovery is a substance abuse treatment center that provides the comprehensive addiction treatment you need for long-term addiction recovery. 

Addiction Treatment Programs

An outstanding rehab center has two essential elements, the staff members and the services that they provide. Our staff members bring a wide range of outpatient rehab programs to life. At Renaissance Recovery, we offer a range of outpatient rehab programs.

Of course, our variety of programs isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from other centers. We customize all of them to fit our clients’ needs. Customizing these plans involves making them gender-specific. This is yet another reason why we stand above the rest.

Sot, what are some of the programs that we offer at Renaissance Recovery? Below are a few of our main services, which we work into our treatment programs.

Alumni Program

At Renaissance Recovery, we know that addiction doesn’t end once rehab ends. In fact, people continue to fight to stay sober their whole lives. However, we know that helping others can make dealing with addiction easier. For that reason, we’re proud to offer an alumni program for those who complete rehab.

We invite our alumni members to participate in group therapy sessions. They can get help and encourage those who are in rehab for the first time. Our alumni coordinator, Jamie Courtney, works closely with everyone on our alumni team.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Of course, we’re always trying to make recovery easier. In order to achieve that, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This program uses FDA-approved drugs to help people recover from addiction faster.

It’s a misconception that taking medications to overcome an addiction is dangerous. Some people think that it can lead to another dependency. However, these other drugs are only aids to make withdrawal symptoms less intense. In some cases, they lessen the psychological cravings that people have for illegal substances.

We work MAT into as many addiction treatment programs as we can. However, MAT isn’t for everyone. Our staff can determine if this is the right choice for you.

Family Counseling

It’s hard to find an addiction treatment center in CA that doesn’t have family counseling of some kind. Of course, that’s beneficial for everyone since addiction affects all family members, not just those with addiction.

Orange County addiction treatment programs typically focus on only one or two close family members in counseling sessions. In our family counseling sessions, anyone who is close to those who have an addiction can attend. After all, one of the goals of family therapy is to rebuild lines of communication.

Group and Individual Counseling

Group and individual counseling are two of the most essential services in addiction treatment programs. The reason is that they have a vital role to play in helping people overcome addiction. Group therapy helps them open up to others on a similar journey, while individual therapy helps them address the core problem.

Mental Health IOP

We offer a wide variety of mental health programs for clients that struggle with co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorders. Evidence-based and holistic therapies promote healing in the mind and body. At Renaissance Recovery, we believe in addressing both mental health and addiction in order for clients to achieve a strong recovery.

Vocational Development

After a skills and desires assessment, a personalized vocational plan is created. Our Renaissance Recovery team helps clients learn skills that help them find steady employment or enroll in school after treatment. Receive the life skills you need to stay sober and be independent!

Renaissance Recovery Can Help You Beat Addiction

Do you want to know what an excellent addiction treatment center offers? It all comes down to the addiction treatment programs. At Renaissance Recovery, we try our best to provide the right services to fit your needs.

Our addiction treatment programs in Orange County will teach you about the consequences of addiction. They can also show you how to spot triggers and warning signs that may cause a relapse. Some of the programs that we offer include:

close up of hands during women's group therapy addiction treatment program

Don’t let your lack of knowledge about addiction treatment programs keep you from getting the right treatment. Contact Renaissance Recovery to fight back against your addiction with help from our knowledgeable staff members. Dial Renaissance Recovery at 866.330.9449 to find out more.