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If you are looking for California alcohol or drug rehab specifically in the Costa Mesa area, Renaissance Recovery offers numerous addiction treatment services to help all those affected by addiction. Our Costa Mesa outpatient rehab includes our dual diagnosis program, mental health services, behavioral therapy treatment, our robust alumni community, and more.

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Costa Mesa, California Rehab 

If you are located in or near Costa Mesa, California and are looking for treatment to help conquer an addiction problem, it may be a good idea to search for help at a location close by,

That’s where our treatment program can help you. At Renaissance Recovery, we understand addiction and we know what it will take to help you or your loved one overcome their substance abuse problem and achieve long-term sobriety. Let’s dive a bit into what we can offer.

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Dual Diagnosis Rehab Facility in Costa Mesa

For people dealing with drug addiction problems to things like opioids, cocaine, alcohol, and more, one of the common problems that can be overlooked or not treated is any underlying mental health issues that may be contributing to or causing the addiction problem in the first place.

This is commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. In order put yourself in the best position for long-term recovery, it is vital to receive treatment for these issues — otherwise, the risk of relapse is strong. 

Luckily, at our treatment facility in Costa Mesa, we offer personalized treatment plans developed based on each individual case we see. If our clients require depression or anxiety treatment, that’s what they’ll get.

Call today to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment programming. 

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Costa Mesa Alcohol Rehab

While drug addiction is a serious problem, one of the more common issues that we see is alcoholism. Due to its legality and the normalcy of drinking in social atmospheres, some people may have a problem with alcohol and not even know it. 

That’s where we come in. 

If you believe that you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, we are more than happy to learn more about your specific situation and help you decide if it is time to seek out the help of a professional treatment program. 

Alcohol addiction is not something to take lightly, if not handled in a timely, professional manner, it can lead to disastrous, even life-threatening consequences. This can come from alcohol overdose or the complications that arise from alcohol withdrawal. Luckily, there are alcohol detox programs in place to help all those who have fallen victim to alcohol safely overcome this issue and continue on with their treatment program in a safe manner. 

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IOP in Costa Mesa

Whether you are looking for inpatient or outpatient treatment, Renaissance can help you get what you are looking for. That said, our treatment program specializes in the intensive outpatient format.

The flexibility of an intensive outpatient program allows clients to continue working and living their normal lives while receiving treatment for an addiction problem that may be plaguing their day-to-day living. 

Payment for our Costa Mesa Rehab Center

If you are looking into treatment options, you may be wondering how you are going to be able to afford paying for a Costa Mesa rehab. Luckily, Renaissance Recovery has partnerships with a number of different insurance companies to make the treatment process as affordable as possible.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and you need help immediately, either give us a call or take a moment to check out our insurance page and even verify your insurance while you are there. It will only take a few minutes and you will receive a call from one of our dedicated specialists shortly after to guide you through the next steps of the process. 

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Renaissance Recovery’s Rehab & Detox Near Costa Mesa

Whether you are looking for help in Costa Mesa or drug rehab in Anaheim, Renaissance Recovery can help you. Our Huntington Beach treatment program includes everything from dual diagnosis to medication-assisted treatment to our aftercare and alumni program. Everyone who enters are facility will have access to all of this and more depending on each client’s specific case needs. 

It is time to take your life back into your own hands. Call our Santa Ana rehab center today to talk with a team member about getting sober and fighting back against addiction.

Rehabilitation can put an end to addiction

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment.

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