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At one point, people in the United States viewed health insurance as more of a luxury. With changes to government regulations, more people have health insurance than ever before. On top of that, rehab insurance coverage for Orange County, CA is at an all-time high. The truth is that insurers now help foot the bill for people to get the treatment that they need at a substance abuse treatment center in Southern California.

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Rehab Insurance Coverage in Orange County, CA

Finding a medical covered rehab and health insurance that covers your addiction treatment can be difficult however, today we will walk you through all your options for coverage.

The health insurance industry has changed thanks to government regulations.  Now, insurance providers can no longer deny addiction treatment coverage. Insurance providers must give people with addiction access to the same level of care as those who receive mental health treatment.

Of course, the amount of coverage that people receive for addiction varies. It depends heavily on the individual policies that they have. In fact, the out-of-pocket expenses vary greatly.

Fortunately, Renaissance Recovery works closely with insurance companies to ensure that people get help. We have an easy rehab insurance verification process. Within minutes, we can help them figure out if their plans cover our addiction treatment services.

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Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse problem and you are looking into treatment options, you may be asking if insurance covers drug and alcohol rehab.

The short answer is yes. The more complicated answer is that it depends.


All policies are a bit different and each individual’s situation is different, due to this, it is hard to know for sure if your insurance will completely cover your time at a rehab. To know for sure, please take a moment to verify your insurance with our team.

What Kind of Rehab Does Insurance Cover?

Unfortunately, not all insurance policies cover all rehab programs. However, insurance companies are more likely to cover some programs than others. For example, they often cover more of the bill for outpatient rehab than inpatient treatment. One reason is that inpatient treatment is more expensive than outpatient treatment.

However, that doesn’t mean that insurers don’t cover a wide range of programs. Once again, the specific coverage depends on each insurance plan. Certain policies simply offer more coverage than others.

Determining which kind of rehab insurance coverage that an individual has isn’t difficult. It simply requires contacting Renaissance Recovery. Our friendly staff can verify people’s insurance and determine their coverage.

Medi-Cal As Payment For Drug Rehab

Medi-Cal is accepted by state-funded and county-overseen community-based public health providers. Public drug rehab facilities often receive Medi-Cal as a form of payment.

In short, Medi-Cal plans are low-cost or free versions of the same health plans offered under Covered California. Additionally, they possess the same benefits.

In order to find a provider that accepts Medicaid or Medi-Cal, SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator can assist. They also offer current information on local drug rehab and mental health care providers. 

The California Public health care system is run through a managed care system that offers addiction treatment services on local and community-based levels. 

In order to acquire drug abuse and addiction treatment services, you will often begin the process with your primary care physicians. Specialty services, such as drug rehab, usually need to be ordered as “medically necessary” by your physicians before being provided by the state.

Women with a child on the way, people in immediate need of help, individuals dealing with mental health concerns, people using drugs via syringe, and parents with young children who may be at risk are generally given first priority treatment. They are given addiction treatment at drug rehab facilities that accept Medi-Cal for payment.

Your Medi-Cal provider will usually possess a referral line for information on how to acquire specialty services like drug rehab. The Medi-Cal Member and Provider Helpline can offer assistance as well.

Medi-Cal Costs

Medi-Cal coverage is often free. It is used as payment like any other health insurance plan to render for services like an addiction treatment drug rehab.

If premiums are required as an additional benefit of Medi-Cal, they are often low, cost-efficient, and usually based upon the on income level of the household. Drug rehabs may need to be preapproved before applying Medi-Cal.

It is important to remember that drug rehab services and options while covered by Medi-Cal, not all programs are covered or even covered by any type of insurance. You will need to pay for these non-accepted programs out of pocket.

Policy Coverage for Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment

With the historic help of policy covers for Substance Abuse, 2015 the U.S. government agreed to California’s Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS) Waiver. The approval greatly increased services to include more people. This Amendment requires more evidence-based practices to be more widely open for the ways addiction is treated and substance abuse disorders are eased.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) ensures that most Medicare health plans give a wide array of Essential Health Benefits (EHB) including but not limited to the following:

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Emergency treatments
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatments
  • Prescription drug Treatments
  • Rehabilitative services and devices
  • Laboratory services
  • Preventative and wellness services and chronic disease management

The following addiction treatment services are available for beneficiaries who live in an opt-in San Bernadino county:

  • Outpatient Rehab Center services
  • Intensive Outpatient Rehab Center services
  • Residential treatment
  • Withdrawal aid
  • Narcotic and Drug Rehab treatment services
  • Recovery services
  • Case Managers
  • Physician aid and consultation
  • Supplementary Medication-assisted treatment
  • Partial hospitalization Programs

Beneficiaries who do not live in an opt-in San Bernandino county have the following benefits available:

  • Outpatient addiction treatment services
  • Intensive outpatient addiction treatment services
  • Perinatal residential treatment
  • Narcotic addiction treatment program services

Does Medi-Cal Cover Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

If you have medical coverage under Medi-Cal you have either the option of outpatient services or intensive outpatient services (also known as intensive outpatient programs or IOPs). This varies based on the county or state you live in. Intensive Outpatient Rehab Programs require increased time spent within treatment facilities and involves more counseling and therapy sessions with treatment providers.

Opioid Medicated Assisted Treatment in California

California has deployed protocols that make buprenorphine more accessible within California. Suboxone, which is a great medication for treating cravings and symptoms of opioid withdrawals. This medication is made of buprenorphine and naloxone.

This Medication-Assisted Treatment is important in sustained recovery from opioid withdrawal. A Treatment Authorization Request (TAR), or pre-approval, is no longer mandated by Medi-Cal for the majority of buprenorphine medications, although a DEA waiver and a diagnosis of opioid addiction are requisites to obtain the medication.

Suboxone is a beneficial medication for medically assisted treatment. The sooner a provider can access it in a quick manner, the sooner they can assist someone in beginning their road to recovery.

Other Ways to Cover the Cost of Rehab

Gratefully, there are methods to cover the cost of rehab besides insurance. After all, insurance doesn’t always massively cover the entire bill. An example for instance is that people can borrow money from family members or dip into their savings.

What if the people seeking treatment don’t have savings accounts or family to depend on financially? In this scenario, applying for a personal or medical loan is a better idea. It can make affording rehab accessible.

Having rehab insurance coverage in Southern California is important because attending rehabilitation programs are critical. In fact, there’s more to addiction treatment than simply quitting drugs or alcohol addiction. It’s about identifying relapse triggers to sustain recovery. After all, addiction is a lifetime battle, and people need to equip themselves with positive management skills to avoid setbacks.

Also, drug rehab teaches people about the consequences of addiction and using drugs. Learning about the consequences is helpful for their family members, as well as the patient. In fact, families should understand that addiction isn’t something people choose to involve themselves in. It’s a mental disorder that steals their loved ones of the ability to choose health over a high.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Our rehab insurance verification will help you get the drug addiction treatment that you need for lasting drug addiction recovery. Upon your admission into an inpatient rehab center in Southern California, the addiction treatment staff will conduct a personalized addiction treatment plan that provides the addiction treatment best suited for you based on your unique mental health conditions. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services offered at a substance abuse treatment center in Orange County CA includes:

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