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Structured Sober Living in
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Sober living homes provide a distraction-free residence for individuals in addiction recovery programs. At these sober living homes, men and women can enjoy structured living and activities while still attending a drug and alcohol rehab in California before returning home.

During or after addiction treatment services at Renaissance Recovery, clients can transition to our partner facility’s sober living homes in California.

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The Importance of Sober Living Programs

Even after weeks or months of addiction treatment programs, returning home to an unstable environment can derail those efforts. Continuing to the next level of care with a sober living program in Southern California helps individuals transition gradually back into daily routines.

Sober living homes are drug and alcohol-free settings for continued abstinence, many programs will have drug testing as a part of their program to ensure clients are abiding to the rules. From house activities and outpatient treatment and events, there are no opportunities to access old or new harmful substances of abuse.

Structured sober living during recovery is vital to provide necessary support after rehab. The staff team and peers in the house are right by your side. When addiction triggers occur, you know where to turn.

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What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is an effective part of aftercare treatment in addiction rehab programs. Many individuals just coming out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction will find that entering straight back into normal life is difficult without the drug or alcohol coping mechanisms that they are used to.

Sober living homes offer a structured, safe, and supportive environment for those in early recovery from addiction to learn how to transition and acclimate to their new sober life. During your recovery stay, programs are available to assist you in finding gainful employment, registering to attend school, and learning how to develop new habits that are healthy and safe.

Finding Sober Peers

In a sober living environment, you will also have the benefit of a sober community of other residents who are going through the same process. This community can be a big part of a successful long-term recovery. Many individuals who engage in sober living make friends who will stay with them for years to come, offering a solid foundation for life after treatment.

What to Expect at Sober Living Homes in Orange County

Those staying at a sober living home can expect lots of laughter and life skill development. As individuals in recovery reintegrate into more responsibilities, it is crucial to also show the joys in life. With a group of like-minded men or women, the world is explored through fun activities promoting overall well-being and life skills training to prepare participants.

During structured sober living, one can expect the following:

  • On-site management to ensure guest safety

  • Personal accountability for growth, progress, and positive outlooks

  • Tutoring to gain the knowledge to improve personal finances or career opportunities

  • Job assistance to uncover strengths and ideal career placements

  • Community activities for large-scale bonding from ski trips to paintball

  • Yoga sessions to mitigate stress and promote mindfulness


One of the best aspects of a sober living environment is the connections and community that can develop between clients. Addiction is a difficult thing to deal with, luckily it is not something that you have to deal with alone. 


Sober Living in Orange County

Renaissance Recovery’s partnerships with Orange County sober living homes offer not only an effective, structured aftercare program, but also the luxury of receiving treatment nearby Southern California’s beautiful beaches and coastal parks.

Whether you want to take up surfing, hiking, sailing, or more, Southern California is an excellent, peaceful place to become sober. Long term sobriety is possible at Renaissance Recovery’s beautiful sober living partners’ house program.

Finding a Sober Living Home Near Me

Many people who are in a treatment program would benefit greatly from going to a sober living house during treatment, and sometimes even following treatment. But, sometimes it isn’t always easy to find transitional housing like a sober living community close by that will work around your outpatient treatment schedule. 

Renaissance Recovery is an addiction treatment center in California that partners with sober living homes all around the Orange County area to ensure that those who need help get it. 

Why is Sober Living Important?

If you or a loved one is dealing with a substance abuse issue, you may be wondering why people go to sober living and if it is the right decision for you. 

It is important to understand that everyone’s situation is different and what is best for one person may not be best for everyone. That said, sober living is a proven and effective way to help clients be reintroduced to their normal day-to-day life wile living in a safe environment free from temptation.

Sober living is a great tool to use to help clients escape the stresses of constant cravings that often lead to relapse. 

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Sober Living Orange County

Renaissance Recovery provides access to many levels of care, including sober living programs. We partner with carefully vetted sober living homes that are staffed by team members that are highly trained in addiction recovery and can help you or your loved one through the recovery process.

Each sober living home has a residential manager that oversees the day-to-day operations and ensures that the sober living home is well managed and provides a safe and supportive environment for the residents.

We strive to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere through our sober living partners. Through this partnership, we are able to provide 24-hour support and resources to our residents so that they can focus on their recovery and live a life of sobriety. We also offer structured activities and social events to promote positive interaction and communal living.

Our goal is to help create an environment of healing and support for our residents so that they can reach their sobriety goals.

Sober living is a great tool that can be used to help you or your loved one rediscover their passion for life and better understand their sobriety. Renaissance Recovery’s partners with with sober living homes that serve the greater Orange County area.

Contact us today to learn more about Orange County sober living homes and participate in structured long-term recovery.

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