The first step to overcoming addiction is entering rehab. However, many people are afraid of the rehab admissions system. One reason is that they don’t understand this process or know what to expect. Because of that, Renaissance Recovery makes the California rehab admissions process as easy as possible into a substance abuse treatment center in California.

What Is Rehab Admissions?

woman smiling in the sun at the beach after california rehab admissionsFirstly, people need to understand the meaning of the term “rehab admissions.” In short, it’s the process of enrolling individuals into a rehab program of their choice. During the enrollment process, they have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want. In fact, the rehab admissions process is the perfect time for people to ask questions before they commit to a rehab center.

In order to start the California rehab admissions process, individuals have to contact a rehab facility. Thankfully, getting in touch with a rehab center is generally easy.

At Renaissance Recovery, for example, people can get in touch with our friendly staff via our website’s contact us page. We’re available to talk on the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well. We believe that our level of dedication separates our facility from others in Orange County.

Insurance Verification

Typically, rehab insurance verification happens before the admissions phase. During insurance verification, the rehab center checks to see if it accepts people’s policies for health coverage.

In most cases, the facility can perform an insurance verification over the phone using the policy details. People who aren’t sure about what their plans cover can also call their insurers. However, calling the rehab center to verify their insurance is usually faster than calling the provider directly.

In addition, it’s worth noting that government regulations require insurance providers to cover rehab treatment. The amount of coverage that people receive differs depending on their individual policies. Most of the time, though, insurance covers at least part of the treatment services. Sometimes, it covers all of the expenses.

Verifying insurance first makes the Orange County rehab admissions phase seamless. Once the rehab center confirms acceptance of people’s insurance, they don’t have to worry about it during admissions.

Our MAT Program

At Renaissance Recovery, we take addiction treatment seriously. In fact, the National Safety Council says that people are more likely to die from drug overdoses than car accidents. As a result, those with addiction need to seek rehab admissions as soon as possible. Also, it’s just as important to seek effective care that works.

To that end, Renaissance Recovery offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in California. Our MAT program uses FDA-approved drugs to help people overcome addiction safely. In other words, we use medications to ensure that rehab goes as smoothly as possible.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Renaissance Recovery Center provides comprehensive addiction treatment that treats not only the symptoms of your drug addiction, but also the underlying mental health conditions contributing to your drug addiction. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services offered at a rehab center in Orange County CA including:

man smiling at the beach after rehab admissions

Get help for yourself or a loved one at Renaissance Recovery. Find out more about how easy we make California rehab admissions. Call us right away at 866.330.9449 to get started.