man asking addiction specialist is an intervention the right approach for a loved one

Is an Intervention the Right Approach for a Loved One?

When it gets to the point that you’re considering an intervention, it’s likely that your loved one is deeply wrapped up in their addiction problem. It’s obvious that addiction damages the life of the addict as well as the lives of those around them. But is an intervention the right approach for a loved one?…

collage of pictures on the history of outpatient programs in the US

The History of Outpatient Programs in the U.S.

History of Outpatient Programs Outpatient addiction treatment is not a new concept. In fact, the history of outpatient programs in the U.S. goes back more than 150 years. This makes sense given that psychoactive drugs have been used in some form starting as early as human civilizations began to emerge. Despite thousands of years of…

women celebrating overcoming helplessness during recovery

Overcoming Helplessness During Recovery

Overcoming helplessness during recovery requires one to look holistically not only at oneself but to those around him or her who might be playing a role in these feelings. Look for the source of your learned helplessness. Your learned helplessness may have taken root due to the circumstances of your development. Try to find the…

woman laying on husband's lap happy throughout their addiction and relationships

Addiction and Relationships: Tips for Getting (and staying) Sober

Addiction and Relationships Understanding the unique challenges of addiction and relationships is something that is not often spoken about publicly. Of course, during addiction recovery treatment, there’s a great deal of discussion that goes on behind closed doors, both in therapy and among the couples themselves. No one can deny that when a spouse or…

mom and dad with kids at the beach knowing how to stay on track after outpatient services

After IOP – How To Stay On Track After Outpatient Services

Recovery doesn’t end after treatment. Sober living is a day-to-day struggle. Life after rehab, or even the thought of what comes after, can be confusing. It’s natural to go through a whole range of emotions. It is vital to know how to stay on track after outpatient services end. One might be excited to live substance-free,…