woman struggles with the side effects of injecting drugs

Side Effects of Injecting Drugs

Injecting drugs impacts your physical, mental, and emotional health. As a result, commonly injected drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and opioids have serious long-term side effects on the human body. Injecting drugs is a very dangerous activity because it can quickly lead to addiction. This can make long-term side effects worse and harder to overcome.…

two women discuss how they can afford their drug recovery center

How Can I Afford a Drug Recovery Center Near Huntington Beach, CA?

A drug recovery center may not be as expensive as you might imagine. If you have never been through rehab, you might have obtained your perception from regular, mostly misleading media highlights. Some media stories over-focus on celebs in luxurious treatment facilities. At Renaissance Recovery in CA, we understand that rehab facilities are not as…

man learns about how partial hospitalization works

How Does Partial Hospitalization Work?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a highly structured mental health and addiction program that operates for several hours each day, three to five days each week. You can participate in scheduled treatment sessions due the day and then return home each evening. This program gives you more independence than a residential treatment program, but…

woman struggles with the long term effects of opioid use

Long-Term Effects of Opioid Use

Opioids are a class of drugs that doctors prescribe for severe or chronic pain. Common opioids include oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, fentanyl, methadone, and heroin. While these drugs are effective at treating pain, they are also highly dangerous and addictive. The long-term side effects of opioids can include psychological and physical problems and overdose and fatality.…

group enjoys a sober thanksgiving in fountain valley

Sober Thanksgiving in Fountain Valley

Are you planning a sober Thanksgiving in Fountain Valley? Many Americans associate Thanksgiving with partying. Families meet for feasting, basketball tournaments, swimming competitions, and the predominant theme of thankfulness. However, holidays can seem to be a big test for sobriety. For people who have gone through rehab, Renaissance Recovery, CA admits that get-togethers can also…

man learns about the benefits of a drug recovery program near hunington beach

The Benefits of a Drug Recovery Center Near Huntington Beach CA

Are you ready to quit drinking or stop using drugs? To avoid the dangers of detoxing at home, consider entering a drug recovery center in Huntington Beach. Overcoming an addiction is not about will power or self-control. It is not as easy as quitting instantaneously. As a result of extreme alcohol or drug use, your…