a group of people sit against the wall and consider the different types of alcoholics

What Are the Different Types of Alcoholics?

In 2007, there was a report released from National Institutes Of Health which, at the time, was led by Dr. Howard B. Moss, who served as the Associate Director for Clinical and Translational Research at NIAAA. This report identified five different types of alcoholics. This report has served as a guideline in the evaluation process…

a woman smiles as she explains how does outpatient therapy strengthen my recovery

How Does Outpatient Therapy Strengthen My Recovery?

If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you may be reviewing options for rehabilitation programs. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your addiction, you may be looking for medically assisted detox or inpatient care. You might even be searching online for “outpatient drug rehab near me”. Each program is…

four women celebrate the benefits of gender specific treatment

What’s the Benefit of Gender-Specific Treatment?

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment Programs Addiction is a disease that affects both men and women. However, that doesn’t mean each gender benefits from exactly the same approach to treatment. Since the sexes have some inherent differences, it stands to reason that their experiences with substance abuse will differ. Gender-specific treatment programs have some definite…

does addiction treatment require a higher power

Does Addiction Treatment Require a Higher Power?

Addiction treatment is an area already engulfed in many debates as to what approach is most effective, but no debate has been more heated than the discussions on the controversial role of 12-step programs. For those looking for non-religious AA programs, the 12 step program is a touchy subject. Learn more about the question, “Does…

a man hugs a woman from behind after they learn how to repair broken relationships in recovery

How to Repair Broken Relationships in Recovery

Knowing how to repair broken relationships in recovery is a skill you will need to master. While it won’t happen overnight, with hard work and commitment, consistent, positive and healthy behaviors can help fix a relationship. Once you’ve completed an addiction treatment program and have achieved sobriety, there are many things you can do to…

a woman puts her hand out in denial of substance related issue

Are You in Denial of a Substance Related Issue?

Denial about substance abuse is probably the single biggest impediment to recovery for those affected by drug addiction. An addict in denial of a substance-related issue is playing a dangerous game, one with serious consequences. In this article, we hope to give some insight into what the denial process often looks like for the active…

two men lean against the wall and talk about overcoming loneliness in addiction recovery

How to Overcome Loneliness in Addiction Recovery

The period that follows drug or alcohol rehab is the time to start building or rebuilding your social support network–sometimes, it means starting over completely. Overcoming loneliness in recovery depends upon how willing the individual is to reach out to others to make meaningful connections. This process is daunting and feelings of loneliness can creep…