woman pondering heroin addiction after prescription drug abuse

How Prescription Drug Abuse Turns Into Heroin Addiction

Numerous studies link heroin addiction to long-term abuse of medically prescribed drugs. One of the most common questions that arise is, can you become addicted to medically prescribed drugs? Yes. The abuse of prescription pills leads to dependence and addiction. For example, you increase your risk of addiction when you take higher doses than what…

man using laptop to begin doctor shopping

9 Signs of Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping is the act of visiting multiple doctors to obtain prescription drugs illegally. Prescription medications, such as painkillers, are essential in relieving excruciating pain, but they are highly addictive. Most people begin by adhering to their doctor’s prescription before developing dependency and increasing the frequency of intake or exceeding the recommended dose. Shopping for…


Can You Die from Alcohol Withdrawal?

Although life-threatening alcohol withdrawal is rare, it does happen. There are occasions when alcohol addiction is so severe that the body responds in a way that causes heart failure or other medical complications. In essence, when you stop drinking, you are suddenly discontinuing the substance that your mind and body have been dependent upon for…

man looking out window after heroin affecting the brain

How Does Heroin Affect the Brain?

Heroin is a synthetic substance manufactured from the opium poppy plant. Initially, doctors prescribed this substance as a prescription painkiller, but the U.S. government outlawed heroin in the early 20th century because of its highly addictive nature. Heroin affects the brain in several ways, so users experience a myriad of changes in brain function. If…

woman holding glass of wine drinking while pregnant

Dangers of Drinking While Pregnant

Millions of pregnant women in the U.S. consume alcohol, and many of those women binge drink. When you are pregnant, you need to be careful about everything you consume, including medicines, food, and alcohol. Anything that enters your system can have a devastating effect on both you and the fetus. Renaissance Recovery Center will discuss…