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Having an alcoholic dad can make you feel mixed up and hurt. Sometimes, it’s hard

Understanding typical addict behavior in relationships can help you recognize if someone you care about

EMDR for addiction is a therapy often used in drug and alcohol rehab programs. It

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The signs of stimulant abuse are quite easy to see. Stimulants are drugs that can

Cocaine headaches can occur from using the drug and stopping it. A headache from cocaine

Alcohol shakes often occur during alcohol withdrawal. They can happen when someone who drinks a

Alcohol and mood swings are closely linked. Alcohol is a depressant that changes how your

Working out how to tell your job you’re going to rehab can be challenging, but

If you have an alcoholic brother, it’s tough to see someone you care about struggling

A sober living home provides an excellent supportive environment for people trying to stay away

Alcoholism, known as alcohol use disorder, is a medical condition where someone drinks a lot

Although not everyone who uses alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs develops an addiction, many

Among the questions we are asked most frequently at Renaissance Recovery are “How does drug

Positive coping mechanisms for stress and mental health issues can be highly beneficial during addiction

Using alcohol to cope with stress or mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD