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Vocational Development Program

We value your renewed sense of self-esteem and desire to succeed once you complete your time at a California rehab program. As such, see the role of meaningful employment in long-term recovery. Our vocational development program in Orange County, CA, provides the resources you need to land a job and be a productive member of society once again after drug addiction treatment.

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California Vocational Programs

As you recover from drug or alcohol addiction, you may find it difficult to re-enter the workforce. You may especially experience this if you encountered legal problems during your addiction. The vocational development program at Renaissance Recovery can help you break down the barriers of employment and get back on track with your career. 

If you are unemployed after rehab, you are more likely to relapse back into addiction. The stress of finding a job, combined with the downtime you may have, can lead to a wide range of emotional triggers. For this reason, you must have a means of working when you complete your program.

Finding a job on your own can take you several weeks or months. A vocational development program can get you on track for finding a job and keeping it long-term. At Renaissance Recovery, we do more than help you get your foot in the door. We gear our program toward long-term success in both your recovery and your work.

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What Can You Expect from Our Vocational Development Program?

Our vocational development program follows a step-by-step process that integrates several elements, including:

Resources for Available Jobs

We gather resources and data from a wide range of companies and employers so that you have options for employment. While the job you want may not always be available, we can help you tap into online resources that may get you closer to where you want to be in your career.

Information on Specific Vocations

We ensure that you never go into a job without knowing what you should expect. We provide information such as the long-term viability of a career, salary ranges in your area, and other useful information to help you make the right career decision.

Educational Opportunities

Our vocational development program in Southern California puts you in touch with local colleges and technical schools that can qualify you for jobs that require certification or licensing. You may be able to take online courses while you are in recovery. 

Practical Job-Searching Skills

When was the last time you filled out an application, created a resume, or sat in an interview? We can teach you to put your best foot forward and develop a professional image that is appropriate for the job you want. 

Referrals to Schools or Jobs

The best reference you get when searching for a job may be from your therapist, who can verify that you are ready for work. We can refer you to HR departments or school admissions offices to give you some professional leverage.

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A Proactive Approach to Finding Employment

The vocational development program at Renaissance Recovery can help you become proactive in finding and preparing for the right job. We can take the burden off of getting employment by providing you with professional support until your first day on the job.

We can also give you strategies for handling everyday stress and challenges that come with your line of work so that you stay clean and keep your job. Once you start working again, you will gain a sense of confidence, purpose, and self-reliance, which are all the elements you need for a successful long-term recovery.

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