woman walking along the beach after partial hospitalization treatment program orange county caWhen people struggle with drugs or drinking, it’s often wise to enroll them in a partial hospitalization treatment program in Orange County, CA. However, such a program can seem kind of confusing on paper. What people don’t know is that it has a lot to offer those who struggle with substance abuse. In order to make the most out of it, they should learn more about this program offered at a substance abuse treatment center in Orange County, CA.

Partial Hospitalization Program

When people first hear about a partial hospitalization program, they find out that it provides full-time care. Because of that, they often wonder how it differs from a residential program. Like there’s a difference between detox, sober living, and rehab, there’s a big difference between these programs too.

With a residential program, everything happens at the rehab facility. People never leave the facility unless it’s part of an outing with other members of the rehab community. As a result, the rehab center becomes their place of “residence” for an extended period of time.

However, the partial hospitalization treatment program in Orange County, CA works much differently. In fact, people don’t live on campus during this program. Instead, they attend counseling and treatment sessions at the rehab center for hours at a time. When they aren’t in treatment, they return to their real place of residence.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program Center in Orange County, CA

There are numerous benefits of enrolling in a partial hospitalization treatment program in Orange County, CA. For one, people get a level of care that’s on par with what they would get from residential treatment. Despite that, they enjoy the flexibility that an outpatient treatment program provides.

As a result, partial hospitalization is perfect for people who can’t afford a total disruption to their routines. In some cases, it allows them to keep attending school and going to work. Of course, they don’t typically fall back into their regular routines until they transition into an outpatient program.

Also, one of the best benefits of this program is that people have access to all of the same services. They often think that a partial hospitalization program doesn’t offer the same level of treatment as a residential program. However, it does, and it costs less.

Understanding the Different Levels of Care

When it comes to getting men’s rehab program or women’s rehab program, there are different levels of care. When people don’t understand these different levels, they start to feel helpless and confused. Fortunately, understanding more about rehab can help them overcome feelings of helplessness during recovery.

Firstly, outpatient rehab typically involves going to rehab a few hours a week for counseling. On the other hand, intensive outpatient rehab might involve attending rehab 10 to 15 hours a week. A partial hospitalization program requires rehab all day. In any case, all of these programs let people return home at the end of the day.

Addiction Treatment Programs

A partial hospitalization treatment program in Orange County provides round the clock care to ensure you are comfortable throughout the detox process. After successful treatment at a partial hospitalization treatment program, admission into a residential treatment program is the next step towards long term addiction recovery. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services in Orange County that provide the comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment for lasting recovery include:

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