Jordan (left) with our alumni coordinator TJ (right)

Jordan N.

Jordan started his recovery journey June 8th, 2021. Renaissance Recovery and the 12 steps of AA helped him get sober and find his purpose. He attributes faith in God, AA meetings, and fellowship to remaining sober and keeping his life on track. At Renaissance, Jordan was able to establish a foundation through the people and knowledge he gained. He followed a simple direction and took the next right step. 


In his own words: “Recovery is hard but simple. I did what others laid out for me and helped others. Today I have over 21 months of sobriety and I get to help other men on their journey in recovery. I’m forever grateful and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without God and Renaissance Recovery.”

An image of Addie T., a Renaissance Recovery alumni

Addie T.

Addie started her recovery journey April 6th, 2022. Her favorite hobbies and activities are being outdoors, dancing, spending time with friends, and buying new plants (and “trying to keep them alive”), and loving on any furry friend she encounters. 

Her favorite aspect of recovery at Renaissance Recovery has been the people, and being able to give back what was given to her with the new sense of purpose she has gained. Her advice for prospective clients is to “just pull the trigger and do it with an open mind”. Sobriety has given her a life beyond her wildest dreams, and that she now can’t fathom her life before while she was still in active addiction

In her own words: “Renaissance Recovery helped me put my life back together. I wanted what all of the alumni and staff of the program had, and they taught me how to get it. I was not employable, I did not have a home, I had no concept of how to live life as a sober woman…the staff taught me how to do all of those things, led by example, and loved me when I didn’t love myself. I wouldn’t trade my worst day of sobriety for my best day using. I owe that to people who dedicate their lives, at Renaissance Recovery, trying to show that sobriety, peace of mind, and recovery is possible for an alcoholic like myself. We do recover.”