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Data from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) indicate that rates of drug addiction and alcoholism have increased from 2019 to 2021.

According to SAMHSA’s latest National Survey on Drug Use (NSDUH 2021):

  • 46.3 million U.S. adults met the DSM-5-TR criteria for drug addiction (substance use disorder) or alcoholism (alcohol use disorder) in 2021.
  • 7.3 million U.S. adults were addicted to both alcohol and drugs in the same year.
  • Just 2.5 million over-18s engaged with drug rehab and 2.5 million with alcohol rehab in 2021.

While all addictions are chronic and incurable brain disorders, substance use disorders respond favorably to science-backed treatment, involving a supervised detox and ongoing rehab. Fortunately, there are many addiction rehabilitation centers in Huntington Beach, including Renaissance Recovery.

Recovery is not a single event, but rather a continuous chain of events that begins with detox. Detoxing from alcohol or drugs addresses the issue of physical dependence. Ongoing treatment deals with the psychological component of substance use disorder.

This guide may help you when you’re looking for drug rehab centers in Huntington Beach to help you combat addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs.

Our Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Huntington Beach

Renaissance’s Huntington Beach rehab specializes in treating all types of addictions in a serene and pet-friendly outpatient setting in Orange County.

Research shows that IOPs (intensive outpatient programs) are a vital component on the continuum of care for addiction treatment. For most mild and moderate substance use disorders, IOPs can be equally as effective as residential rehab (inpatient rehab).

At Renaissance Recovery Center in Huntington Beach, connect with outpatient drug or alcohol rehab at the most appropriate level of intensity for your needs. Outpatient rehab lets you remain anchored to your personal and professional commitments without compromising your recovery.

All Renaissance treatment programs offer customized care that utilizes both science-backed and holistic interventions for a whole-body-approach to addiction recovery in Huntington Beach.

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About Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach, nicknamed Surf City USA, is a coastal city in Orange County, California. With a population of 200,000 according to 2020 census data, Huntington Beach is the fourth-most populous Orange County city.

Located Midway Between Los Angeles and San Diego, Huntington Beach is Bordered by:

The consistent waves year-round mean that Huntington Beach hosts more than 50 annual surfing events, including the U.S. Open of Surfing.

There is more to Huntington Beach then stretches of sandy beaches and surf culture, though.

Some of the most visited attractions in Huntington Beach include:

The Downtown area of Huntington Beach is located around Main Street. Explore shops, museums, arts and crafts exhibitions, cafes, and restaurants. Stick around in the evening for street performers and live music.

Head further down Main Street toward the sea and you’ll arrive at the iconic Huntington Beach Pier, one of California’s longest piers. Get some Insta-worthy photos and eat at Ruby’s Diner.

Do you or your loved one want to get addiction treatment in Huntington Beach?
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Beach Detox

Before you head to rehab in Huntington Beach, you’ll first need to detox from drugs or alcohol. If you are eager to participate in treatment, it may be tempting to try abruptly stopping the use of addictive substances at home. This is not the safest or the most comfortable pathway to recovery, though.

A supervised medical detox can streamline the process. Several FDA-approved medications can mitigate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and opioid withdrawal (heroin, fentanyl, or prescription opioids). Continuous clinical and emotional care will mitigate the likelihood of relapse during the early phases of recovery.

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Why is Detox Important?

Detox combats the issue of physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Detoxification takes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the scope and severity of substance abuse, as well as variables such as co-occurring mental health disorders.

Purging all toxins from the system stabilizes you physically, preparing you for ongoing treatment – typically a combination of MAT (medication-assisted treatment), psychotherapy, and counseling.

Luckily, there are many licensed medical detox centers in Huntington Beach. Call Renaissance at 866.330.9449 and we can connect you with accredited detox centers throughout Southern California.

IOP Rehab in
Huntington Beach

If you have a mild or moderate addiction, our IOP (intensive outpatient program) provides a flexible and affordable route to recovery in Huntington Beach.

Attend therapy sessions on weekday mornings at a luxury treatment facility that involves individual counseling, group therapy, and psychotherapy – talk therapies like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

You will learn what triggers you to use alcohol or drugs, and you will develop healthy coping mechanisms to use in place of addictive substances. In an inclusive environment free of distractions, benefit from the support of peers with lived experience of addiction and a shared commitment to embrace sober living in Huntington Beach.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab in Huntington Beach has never been more important with more people addicted to drugs since the pandemic, and a significant treatment gap that needs filling. Our Huntington Beach drug rehab can help you combat addictions to all types of drugs, including:

Addictions to all types of opioids can be treated with the following medications in combination with behavioral interventions:

Other types of drug addiction like stimulant use disorder (cocaine or meth addiction) generally respond positively to behavioral therapies and motivational therapies. Call 866.330.9449 for help with any drug addiction in Huntington Beach.

Alcohol Rehab

Our alcohol rehab in Huntington Beach can help you move from active alcoholism into ongoing recovery.

Like opioid addiction, alcohol use disorder also responds to medication-assisted treatment. These FDA-approved medications can streamline alcohol withdrawal and ongoing recovery:

MAT is always most effective when combined with counseling and psychotherapy. One-to-one counseling lets you dive deep into the specifics of your addiction. Group counseling allows you to benefit from the experience of peers undergoing similar experiences. Psychotherapy helps you to unpack the flawed and destructive thinking that can trigger alcohol abuse.

For help moving beyond any addiction, mental health disorder, or co-occurring disorder, head to Renaissance Recovery Center in Huntington Beach. Embrace affordable luxury rehab without needing to pack your bags and take a month or more away from work.

Renaissance Recovery’s
Huntington Beach Rehab

At Renaissance Recovery Center outpatient rehab in Huntington Beach, you can address the physical and psychological sides of addiction in a serene beachside setting.

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Engage with pet-friendly rehab in Huntington Beach, CA at the level of intensity you need. Our programs include:

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All treatment programs at Renaissance in Huntington Beach offer access to individualized addiction treatment that combines holistic therapies and evidence-based interventions. These may include:

outside of a recovery home

Due to the relapsing nature of addiction, your treatment team will provide you with a complete aftercare plan that consists of:

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