Experiential and Adventure-Based Program

Your recovery plan doesn’t need to consist of confinement or isolation. Located only 20 minutes from Huntington Beach, CA, we take a holistic approach at recovery and find that experiential and adventure-based programs in Orange County, CA are critical in the healing process. While our addiction treatment programs in Orange County are key to every person’s time at Renaissance Recovery, we are adamant in setting aside time for our clients to learn recovery concepts and tools in many different forms.

Surf Program at Renaissance Recovery

Talking about maintaining a healthy balance is one thing during recovery, but implementing those skills in safe settings helps our clients feel what it’s like to achieve that balance. Between our physical and nutritional instructor and other great leadership at Renaissance Recovery, there is plenty of opportunity for you or a loved one to learn and exercise outside of a facility setting during recovery.

Our Surf Program is an adventure-based program our clients love! Getting out into the ocean, learning how to surf, practicing balance, and pushing ourselves to accomplish goals all while integrating recovery into the process is something the clients extract tremendous amounts of value out of. Even though surfing is an individual activity, this program underscores a sense of community and energy in our clients. It gives clients something they can do together, challenge and motivate each other to do, and bond over during their time in recovery. We conduct our Surf Program every Saturday in Huntington Beach, home of the US Open for Surfing. California beaches offer the experiential and adventure-based program real-life experiences you can build on and use for your sober years to come.

Adventure-Based Program

The adventure-based program in Orange County, CA, builds trust, perseverance, and personal growth. After struggling in a world wrought with addiction struggles, experiential and adventure-based programs instill an appreciation of nature parallel with treatment approaches. Dedicate yourself to an adventure-based program to benefit yourself, peers, and the community. The resiliency learned in these programs prepares clients with the tools and habits for continued addiction and substance abuse recovery. Find the experiential and adventure-based program fit for your enjoyment and recovery.

Addiction Therapy Services

We recognize that not all recovery paths are the same. Experiential and adventure-based programs are more than just exercising. At Renaissance Recovery, we work with you to discover a treatment plan that is unique to you. Our treatment model ensures our clients get the most out of our programs, which concerns physical and mental health.

Addiction therapy services in Orange County used in conjunction with an adventure-based program include:

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