Drug Rehab Testimonials from the
Renaissance Clients and Family

Client and Family Testimonials

“When I arrived homeless at Renaissance Recovery, I had a trash bag full of someone else’s clothing and a crippling 18-year addiction to heroin. I was ill-equipped to be a part of, let alone contribute to, society. The caring, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff at Renaissance Recovery provided me with the structure and support that I didn’t know I needed. Through the guidance of the leaders in this community that I was so fortunate to have been accepted into, I overcame my chemical dependency, obtained employment, and have since become self-sufficient. I owe my life and my happiness to these people. October 8th, 2019 marked two years of sobriety for me, and prior to finding Renaissance I hadn’t had 24 hours sober in nearly 20 years.”


Pat C Alumni

Renaissance Recovery truly changed my life. I flew from NY and you couldn’t have paid me enough to believe that I would start an entirely new life in California but here I am- three years later in Newport Beach living a dream.

I didn’t struggle endlessly with addiction, but what I realized is I had a lot of struggles deep within that I would have never learned from this place without the much-needed guidance they provided me.

Stefanie is a miracle worker and dug deep into my past and history. I can’t say it was easy and I can’t say it wasn’t painful but I will tell you that releasing that part of me has done more for me than I could’ve ever imagined. I found my family at Renaissance Recovery, people that will be in my life Indefinitely. I found people that believed in me, people that raised me up, people that gave me a safe place. Words could never describe how blessed I feel to this day and every single day. These people will provide you a home and give to you what you couldn’t give to yourself.

Paige R

My journey with Renaissance began on December 9, 2019, and ended on June 5, 2020. Everyday for the first month I didn’t want to be sober, and I would go to sleep wondering if I was going to give up. Renaissance pushed me to keep moving forward, Watched my behaviors when I wanted to check out, and gave me suggestions on what to do so that I could get back on track. By taking action on one suggestion and seeing the results, I began doing whatever was suggested to me. My case manager helped me set goals, and held me accountable to complete the goals set. I’m grateful for my experience at Renaissance, the staff are very experienced, they gave me the hope I needed in early sobriety, and a variety of coping mechanisms that I can use on a daily basis.

Courtney S