Depression Treatment Program

Depression is a major problem for many people in the United States. It afflicts millions of people from all walks of life. In fact, approximately 16.2 million people have suffered from a major depressive episode within the past year. Of these millions of people, many of them live with depression regularly. Then there are the undiagnosed people living with depression. This mental health problem often leads to substance abuse, thus compounding the issue. By seeking help from a depression treatment program, you can find healing.

What Is Depression Like?depression

Maybe you have days when you feel very sad, and you wonder if it’s depression. Feeling down once in a while is normal, but clinical depression is quite different. It interferes with your life and threatens to overwhelm you. This causes some people to turn to drugs or alcohol to soothe the pain. When this happens, you will gain help from a depression treatment program.

Some signs of depression are as follows:

Insomnia or Sleeping Too Much

While everyone has nights when they can’t get to sleep, or they feel like sleeping all day long, it’s abnormal if you feel like that regularly. People who are clinically depressed struggle with sleep disorders. This interferes with their quality of life.

Concentration Issues, Forgetfulness, and Indecisiveness

Depression takes away your mental energy, focus, and concentration skills. Some of these issues come from a lack of sleep associated with depression, but the chemical change in your brain from depression also steals your mental abilities.

Physical Problems For No Apparent Reason

If you’re dealing with depression, you may notice you have various aches and pains but no cause for it. This is a common complaint of people who have depression. The symptoms can range from digestive problems to headaches and backaches. However, a doctor will tell you there is no physical reason for the pain. 

Apparent Changes in Mood

Mood changes can manifest in a number of ways. Those with depression may exhibit symptoms of anxiety, which can also make a person have bouts of aggression. Other moods associated with depression include apathy, guilt, and mood swings.

When going through depression, some people turn to a substance to feel better. However, drugs will actually make the condition worse. Drugs may numb the feelings but make it harder to heal internally. Besides, when you use drugs to deal with a mental health disorder, you end up creating a substance use disorder. Seeking help at a depression treatment program is the first step if you are in this position. 

Find the Right Depression Treatment Program for You at Renaissance Recovery

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Some of the programs you can choose from are as follows:

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