woman breathing in fresh air in mental health treatmentThe connection between mental health issues and addiction is strong. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) suggests that people with mental problems use addictive substances more than others. Depending on the substance, people with mental health issues use about 44% of consumed drugs. As a result, mental health treatment centers in California are just as necessary as receiving substance abuse treatment at a substance abuse treatment center in Orange County.

The Link Between Mental Illness and Drug Use

The NBER says that there’s a clear link between substance abuse and mental health problems. To illustrate, it released a study to showcase the connection. The study found that people with mental illness consume more addictive substances than those without mental disorders.

For example, those with mental illness consume around 38% of all alcohol. However, alcohol isn’t the only addictive substance that people with mental illness consume. The study also found that they consume roughly 44% of all cocaine. These numbers increased when researchers added people who had a mental illness at some point.

Experts suggest that the mental health treatment center in Orange County, CA could be the answer to the revolving door of drug relapse. As a result, finding a rehab center that offers dual diagnosis treatment is a top priority.

Why People With Mental Health Issues Abuse Drugs

People often wonder why those with mental health issues abuse drugs so often. Some experts seem to think that it’s because few of them seek proper treatment. Since they don’t seek a mental health treatment program, they try to treat the symptoms themselves.

What’s the best way for them to cover up the symptoms of a mental health disorder? Using drugs and drinking alcohol. Of course, the relief that the drugs provide is only temporary. As a result, they have to continue to abuse drugs for relief.

A mental health treatment program Orange County offers can help people get out of this endless cycle. It makes it possible for people to get the mental health treatment that they desperately need to overcome addiction.

Mental Health Problems Lead to Relapse

Like toxic relationships, mental health problems are triggers that can lead to relapse. At its core, addiction is the result of mental health issues. When people seek rehab without mental health treatment, they set themselves up for relapse. In order to avoid it, they must solve the core issue.

At the same time, chronic drug abuse can lead people down a path that makes mental health problems more common. For example, abusing alcohol or drugs increases their chances of becoming victims of rape or assault. These traumatic events can lead to a post-traumatic stress disorder, which can lead to more drug abuse. It’s a vicious cycle that’s hard to get out of without visiting a mental health treatment center.

Renaissance Recovery’s Mental Health Treatment Center in California

Are you looking for a mental health treatment program Orange County offers? If so, reach out to our knowledgeable staff members at Renaissance Recovery. We’re not only an addiction treatment center but also a mental health treatment center.

A mental health treatment center in California provides the support you need to make a lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Upon your admission into a mental health treatment center in California, the addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to conduct a personalized addiction treatment plan to treat not only the symptoms of your drug addiction, but also the underlying mental health conditions contributing to your drug addiction. Mental health treatment programs in California typically used in effective drug addiction recovery include:

Don’t let your mental health problems lead you to relapse. Contact Renaissance Recovery for programs at the mental health treatment center in Orange County, CA. Dial 866.330.9449 to let us teach you how to beat addiction.

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