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Orange County rehab programs, like Renaissance Recovery, can provide you or your loved one with the tools and knowledge they need to fight and conquer addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs utilize evidence-based treatment to provide clients with the highest form of care. If you are looking for one of the best rehabs in Orange County, call our team today.

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Orange County Rehab

The Orange County rehab at Renaissance Recovery utilizes evidence-based treatment from master’s-level clinicians to ensure clients are getting the attention and treatment they deserve. No matter where you are in the recovery journey, whether you’re just starting the treatment process or in the middle of it, our community of compassionate clinicians, outstanding patrons, and loving family of alumni are here to help.

The most important aspect of your journey to recovery is starting as soon as possible. At Renaissance Recovery, we know healing is hard and that no two clients are the same. Substance abuse grapples human lives everyday. The key thing to remember is that addiction treatment isn’t only for the wealthy people or those with extreme addictions but for everyone who needs a little healing and the Renaissance staff at our substance abuse rehabs in Orange County are here to help.

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Getting Drug Rehab in Orange County

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment.

About Orange County

In case you are not familiar with Orange County, California, we want to provide you with resources. Depending on the situation, it is best to get out of your local area to go to drug and alcohol rehab. Staying put in the same place causes behavioral patterns and in order to stop the cycle it’s best to get out of your current environment.

Many of our clients and alumni find Orange County to be home. We understand it might seem unfamiliar to some people, so we provide events and activities to allow our clients to be come apart of the community. These events include going to Huntington Beach, hiking the trails of OC, going to dinner, grocery stores and a lot more. There is a ton of benefit to get clients out of their comfort zone and away from their habitual behaviors.

Table of Contents

What Separates us

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Custom Treatment Plans

Not every client has the same substance abuse history, nor has the same trauma. It is important to have custom treatment plans for each client.

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Weekly Activities

Our clients say “They teach us how to have fun and be sober while in treatment.” We do weekly activities like Yoga, kickboxing, paint-balling, and much more.

Help Heal Relationships

It is crucial for families of our clients to heal as well. Addiction harms everyone, not just our client. It is important to incorporate loved ones.

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Activities at Our Rehab in Orange County

Paving the path for recovery starts with physical and mental wellness and with adventure-based therapeutic modalities at Renaissance, we set you up on the road for success. We offer a variety of activities at our treatment facilities so you can focus on the present moment, getting invigorated by the outdoors, and taking the necessary steps to ensure your health comes first.

Connect with a family of diverse individuals looking for sobriety solutions and join our amazing family. We know that you want to turn things around and with our evidence-based treatments, we’ll give you a fighting chance at recovery today.

Our Experiential & Adventure-Based Program
includes Activities such as the Following

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Beach Bonfires

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Paddle Boarding

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Paint Balling

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Rehabilitation can put an end to addiction

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment.

Rehab Centers in California

When you’re looking into rehabs in Southern California, it is important to find a treatment program that can assist you at all levels of care including:

  • Detox in Orange County
  • Residential Treatment
  • IOP in Orange County

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps in the treatment process to get a better understanding of how they will help you.

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Orange County Detox

If you are looking into treatment options, you want to ensure that whatever drug rehab in Southern California you are looking into can help with detox services. Finding a benzo or opioid detox in Orange County will allow you or your loved one to safely overcome the withdrawal symptoms associated with early sobriety.

From there, clients will move on to the next stage in the treatment process. For some, this means a residential treatment center in Orange County or an intensive outpatient program.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options and get a better understanding of both.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabs in Orange County will allow clients to be fully immersed in the recovery process and fully focus their efforts on their treatment. Because they’re living at the facility they won’t have to deal with outside influences and will also have 24/7 monitoring by addiction professionals and treatment staff.

Clients will go through carious treatment programs including cognitive behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment for some, dialectical behavior therapy, and more.

While this is the most comprehensive form of addiction treatment, intensive outpatient programs are one step below. Let’s get a better understanding of these.

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Orange County IOP

Following, or in place of, a stay at a residential treatment center clients can go to an Orange County intensive outpatient program to help them continue their treatment efforts.

Renaissance Recovery’s Orange County IOP is great for anyone struggling with any form of addiction. Not only does Renaissance have great treatment modalities backed by evidence-based care programming, they also excel in aftercare. We serve clients all over including the greater OC area such as Santa Ana and anyone looking for rehab in Anaheim.

Addiction does not end after you leave the facility, our community and alumni is one of the most robust in Orange County and we gather all the time to host fun events. Give us a call today to learn more about our treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Covered By Insurance


Whether you have Aetna, Beacon, BCBS, or another insurance provider, our admissions team at Renaissance Recovery will work with those to help get the drug and alcohol treatment coverage needed to get treatment. Insurance coverage for alcohol addiction and substance abuse exist to help those find recovery at an affordable cost. Allow the experts at Renaissance Recovery help you navigate coverage options and find a treatment program best suited for you.

Rehab Centers In Orange County

We invite our alumni community members to participate in group therapy sessions. They can get help and encourage those who are in rehab for the first time. Our alumni coordinator, Jamie Courtney, works closely with everyone on our alumni team.

At our rehab centers in California, our clients will have access to medication-assisted treatment services to help ease the problems associated with early withdrawal so they can focus on recovery.

During treatment at our southern California rehabilitation center, clients will go through family counseling and addiction therapy options to help rebuild broken family ties.

Group and individual counseling sessions are commonplace at our southern California rehab center. These sessions can include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more.

At our Orange County drug rehab, clients won't just overcome addiction problems but mental health illnesses as well with the help of our mental health intensive outpatient programs.

At our southern California drug rehab center, we help set our clients up with aftercare support and vocational development programs so they can easily transition back to regular life.

Find the right drug addiction treatment

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment.

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Looking for Rehabs in Orange County

If you are looking for rehab in the Orange County area, we got you covered. We serve the greater OC area and can help clients from all over including those searching for rehab in Huntington Beach or treatment in the Costa Mesa area.

Renaissance Recovery is a program dedicated to helping each individual client that walks through our door on a case-by-case basis. To learn more about what your individualized care plan may look like, give our admissions team a call today.

Treatment at OC Rehab

Those who take the crucial step to participate in our drug addiction treatment program in Orange County start with an intake process, where professionals create a customized plan. During intake, they go through the admission process, receive an assessment, and determine if there are co-occurring disorders.

The next step is drug detox, which is when professionals remove addictive substances from the body. That occurs during medically- supervised detox so that professionals can monitor withdrawal symptoms. Following detox, patients enter rehab, where they work on building a foundation or long-term efforts.

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Get Help at the Best Alcohol Rehab in Orange County

At our Orange County drug and alcohol rehab, we understand addiction and we utilize numerous types of treatment programming to ensure that each clients’ needs are met on and individual, case-by-case basis.

You can expect everything from adventure therapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy to family therapy to a robust aftercare program and more to help set you or your loved one up for long-term success.

Addiction is a disease and to overcome a disease, it is vital to seek out professional help from addiction experts.

The Development during Rehab in
Orange County


Inpatient or Outpatient Programs


Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program




Mens's and Women's Rehab


Vocational Development Program


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Addiction Treatment FAQ

If you are not from California, you may not know exactly where Orange County even is, and you may be asking “how far is Orange County from LA?”

Orange County, California is located in Southern California and is actually a part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Orange County houses many prominent cities including Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and more.

Orange County has a lot to offer in terms of activities and amenities. For one, the outdoors are amazing. Orange County has numerous miles of coastline allowing visitors to enjoy their time at the beach and even try out surfing while they’re out here since Huntington Beach is home to the U.S. Surfing Open each year. Laguna Beach even has tide pools and an oceanfront national park — Crystal Cove State Park.

Along with outdoor activities like tanning, surfing, hiking, and more. There are a number of great restaurants, retail shopping areas, amusement parks, museums, and more. If you are thinking of coming to Orange County for addiction treatment, rest assured, there are many fun things you can do while visiting.

Besides the number of fun events and activities that will be available to you, Orange County is a gorgeous place that gets about 278 days of sunshine every year. Along with the beautiful weather, Orange County, California boasts one of the biggest addiction recovery communities in the country.

This additional alumni and community will be a huge benefit to you or your loved one’s sobriety as getting sober is only the first step. Staying sober after leaving treatment can be hard but with the help of fellow alumni and community-planned events, it can be easier to be held accountable.

Traveling out of state or out of town for addiction treatment can be a difficult decision to make. While there is not one clear answer, there are a few things that you must take into consideration. For example, if you or your loved one is more likely to relapse due to relationships, friends, and others who are enabling their substance abuse, it is likely best to seek out treatment elsewhere. Meanwhile, if the client is strengthened by the presence of family close by and can use that to their advantage in their new sober journey, it may be good to stay close to home.

Overall, the decision is dependent on a lot of factors, to help you make the best decision for your situation, reach out to Renaissance Recovery. We can give you an outside perspective on you or your loved one’s circumstances and help you make the right decision.

Our recovery community participates in a number of activities around Orange County. As we mention Crystal Cove is a favorite, but we also teach you how to surf, and our clients love our quarterly paintball trip. Activities are not limited to weekly Hikes, Yoga, Boxing, Kickball, Softball, Bowling, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, beach days, gym days and much more. Our clients always comment on the countless activities we offer.

Most insurance companies offer differing rates of coverage based on treatments, plans, and situation. By working with Renaissance Recovery we can help you navigate through insurance to get the most affordable treatment plan catered to your individual needs.