woman talking in group therapy at the Drug Addiction Treatment Center Orange County CAFor some, the first step toward recovery is acknowledging their substance abuse struggles. After that, their next step is finding the best drug addiction treatment center in Southern California. In doing so, those that suffer the symptoms of addiction are on their way to restoring their happiness, health, and well-being at Renaissance Recovery.

What Does Drug Addiction Treatment Entail?

Drug addiction treatment centers are available to help individuals recover from substance use disorders. Because people who suffer from drug addiction need additional assistance or care, they can find it at a drug addiction treatment center in Southern California. There is a full spectrum of addiction treatment programs available for adults based on their needs. Professionals perform comprehensive assessments to determine what treatment plans will offer the best recovery. These assessments occur during the admission process, as well as throughout the treatment program.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment

When individuals decide to participate in a drug addiction treatment program in Southern California, they’ll find that many options are available to them. Examples of these treatment programs include the following:

  • Individualized substance abuse counseling: During this counseling, the focus is on the reduction of symptoms or remission of substance abuse. It also focuses on how substance abuse is impairing employment, families, and relationships.
  • Group counseling: This form of therapy reinforces social support through peer discussions and the promotion of a substance-free lifestyle.
  • Partial hospitalization treatment program: Individuals participating in a partial hospitalization program receive medical supervision.
  • Outpatient treatment: When individuals choose outpatient treatment programs, it varies in intensity and specializes in different types of substances at the drug addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA. These programs also cost considerably less than inpatient or residential treatments.
  • Treatment for criminal justice-involved substance abusers: There are situations where people need to participate in substance abuse treatment programs such as this one before, during, after, or instead of incarceration.

What to Look for in Addiction Treatment

Finding the right drug addiction treatment program in Southern California involves finding services that match with your needs. Even though professionals assess what the best addiction treatment program is, other factors weigh into this decision as well. That means asking critical questions, including the following:

  • Does the majority of the staff have credentials in addiction medicine or addiction treatment?
  • Is the treatment center close to home, or is travel necessary?
  • Are patients allowed to continue working or taking care of their children?
  • Will there be access to computers, email, or phone?
  • Am I allowed to request a private room?
  • If insurance pays for part of the treatment, is it possible to supplement payments?
  • What kind of medically assisted treatment programs are available?

What to Expect from a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Southern California

Those who take the step to participate in a drug addiction treatment program in Southern California start with the intake process, where professionals create a customized plan. During intake, they go through the admissions process, receive an assessment, and determine if there are co-occurring disorders.

The next step is drug detox, which is when professionals work toward removing addictive substances from the body. That occurs during medically-supervised detox, so professionals can monitor withdrawal symptoms. Following detox, patients enter rehab where they work on building a foundation or long-term efforts.

The development of that foundation during rehab could include:

The last step of participating in a drug addiction program involves setting up a plan for recovery and aftercare. In doing so, patients receive continued healing during long-term recovery. That could include participating in support groups, the continuation of therapy, or admitting themselves into a sober living facility.

Attending a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Southern California

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