Anxiety disorders are a very common mental health problem. Approximately 40 million people struggle with this condition in the United States. The symptoms can range from person to person and are sometimes crippling to a person’s life. Some people have difficulties coping with the stress caused by anxiety, and they turn to drug or alcohol use. When this occurs, an anxiety treatment program in Southern California is necessary for inner healing.

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

There are several types of anxiety disorders. However, whether you’re suffering from generalized anxiety or social anxiety, the range of symptoms is unnerving to deal with. For those with this diagnosis, it’s best to seek help from an anxiety treatment program in Southern California as opposed to dealing with it on your own. 

Some people may think anxiety is worrying a lot, but it is more than that. It’s more than being nervous all the time too. In order to be classified as an anxiety disorder, it must meet certain diagnostic requirements. Some of these symptoms include: 

  • Excessive worry over minimal things
  • Avoiding places or situations due to anxiety 
  • Several symptoms such as stomach problems, headaches, and backaches
  • Accelerated heart rate 
  • Shakiness
  • Sweating

Anxiety is a distressing condition that can last for several years.

Co-Occurring Conditions with Anxiety Disorder

Dealing with an anxiety disorder is hard enough but when it co-occurs with another condition, it makes it even harder. Some people find it difficult to hold down a job or keep relationships because of overwhelming anxiety. Consequently, they may turn to drugs, medication, or alcohol. By doing so, they perceive that it helps them to function and keep their feelings and anxiety in control. However, self-medicating leads to a substance use disorder.

When you are dealing with substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously, then you need a specific type of treatment that addresses the root cause of the problem. 

Anxiety Treatment Program

An anxiety treatment program focuses on people who suffer from substance abuse as well as anxiety problems. Treatment includes therapy that addresses the underlying causes of anxiety. In addition, medication-assisted treatment may be necessary for some clients. 

Psychotherapy, or counseling, is another component of an anxiety treatment program. A therapist will guide you in uncovering the core problems that lead to anxiety. Past trauma, as well as genetic causes, can be the reason people have an anxiety disorder. 

Discover Peace and Freedom at Renaissance Recovery

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No matter what type of addiction you are dealing with, whether it’s alcohol heroin, meth, cocaine, or something else, there is hope for your case.

There are several treatment programs that may be recommended for your situation. Some of these are as follows:

Don’t let substance abuse or anxiety spoil your joy in life. You can overcome your drug addiction problems by seeking treatment at an anxiety treatment program in Southern California. Contact us at [Direct], and we’ll help you every step of the way.