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Our mission is organic and simple in nature; provide each and every client with the clinical excellence and community-based support to obtain long term success while abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Renaissance Recovery offers a variety of addiction treatment programs to help clients get their lives back on track. Our available addiction therapy options allow us to customize our care to the needs of each of our clients.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our intensive outpatient treatment center in Orange County offers medication assisted treatment to help those struggling with substance abuse. Our clinical team determines which medications are best to help individuals to work through withdrawal comfortably. After this process, they can focus on the remainder of their treatment.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

The outpatient mental health treatment programs at Renaissance Recovery provide relief from symptoms of mental illness for more fulfilling lives. Our licensed therapists and mental health experts offer guidance for those with anxiety, depression, dual diagnosis, and more. Rebuild a solid foundation of mental health to face daily challenges anew.


PHP offers full-time drug and alcohol treatment and therapies to recover from addiction symptoms.


Intensive outpatient rehab programs help those fighting back against addiction continue working on their careers and family relationships.


Participate in substance abuse treatment while at home to lean on experts when facing daily obstacles. Stay active in recovery with outpatient programs.


Closely monitored medications in MAT help you heal and rebuild after addiction.

Paying For Rehab

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