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Are you planning a sober Thanksgiving in Fountain Valley? Many Americans associate Thanksgiving with partying. Families meet for feasting, basketball tournaments, swimming competitions, and the predominant theme of thankfulness.

However, holidays can seem to be a big test for sobriety. For people who have gone through rehab, Renaissance Recovery, CA admits that get-togethers can also be a test for your recovery.

Sober Thanksgiving

Navigating festive seasons without drinking can be challenging. Many questions will run through your mind: What beliefs, practices, and behaviors are fit for recovery? Which family traditions are no longer helpful? What coping and self-soothing strategies should you use?

A sober Thanksgiving is a way of enjoying the holiday without jeopardizing your self-restraint and sobriety. If the loved ones you typically celebrate Thanksgiving with consume alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances, plan. Planning for a sober holiday can help with creating an exit strategy or alternatives to drinking.

Some of the options include:

  • Watching a movie at a theater
  • Holding a sober party at your home
  • Participating in available government and private events for sober Thanksgiving in Fountain Valley
  • Volunteer at a local rehab or church
  • Shopping

Staying Sober Over the Holiday

If you feel concerned you might relapse, you should consider breaking past harmful traditions to avoid risking your recovery. For most people, a holiday is a time for recalling heritage and traditions. They surround themselves with loved ones, revitalize rituals of past years, and practice family traditions. However, a family can harm some of its members, especially those in recovery.

If you are planning a sober thanksgiving in Fountain Valley, learn when to say no. Just because your family’s traditions demand talking about the past does not mean you should tolerate abusive conditions.

Try to avoid a relative who makes your sobriety harder to sustain—at least in the situations that can trigger a relapse.

For example, if you customarily enjoy Thanksgiving dinners by meeting in the lounge and sharing cocktails, you can change that pattern. Strive to preserve the feeling of intimacy while abandoning the substance use component. You can bring enough sparkling cider, for instance, to serve everybody and toast to the non-alcoholic ritual.

Sober Thanksgiving in Fountain Valley at Rehab

If you have a loved one in a residential treatment program, visiting the facility with your entire family can be rewarding. The chances are that the rest of the family needs information about recovery.

It is a form of creating awareness about the dangers of substance abuse in your family while avoiding contact with drugs and alcohol.

Supportive family members offering safety for those in rehab contribute significantly to a successful recovery. If you decide to visit a loved one in rehab, avoid bringing up issues the individual wishes to forget.

Participate in family therapy and be less judgmental.

Use Thanksgiving to Help a Loved One Seek Help

One of the excellent ways of showing love to your family members is finding ways of assisting those affected by alcohol or substance abuse seek professional help. Thanksgiving is also a moment to help loved ones who may be grappling with various life challenges.

The journey to recovery starts with a variety of treatment programs, such as:

Learn About Sober Holidays at Renaissance Recovery

If you or your loved ones need help organizing a sober thanksgiving in Fountain Valley, reach out to our therapists. Rehab can help you find healthy ways of enjoying the holidays without jeopardizing your recovery. Contact Renaissance Recovery at [Direct] to learn more about alcohol and substance use disorders, rehab treatment, and tools for maintaining long-term sobriety.866.330.9449

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