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Heroin Rehab in Huntington Beach

At our Huntington Beach heroin treatment center, we specialize in recovery from heroin addiction. Our programs and local partnerships provide access to comprehensive levels of care, from Huntington Beach heroin detox to outpatient rehabilitation and beyond.

Heroin addiction, a chronic and dangerous brain disorder, responds favorably to evidence-based treatment. A supervised detox followed by ongoing rehabilitation is essential for recovery. Fortunately, there are several heroin rehab centers in Huntington Beach, including Renaissance Recovery.

Recovery from heroin addiction is not a one-time event but a continuous process that begins with detoxification. While Renaissance Recovery does not offer detox on-site, we collaborate with a select group of Huntington Beach heroin detox centers to which we can refer you to before you start outpatient care with us.

What to Expect at Renaissance Recovery

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When you walk through the doors of our Huntington Beach heroin rehab, you can expect to be greeted by a welcoming staff & the highest level of care as you begin your journey with us.

Our founders and many members of our team have experienced recovery themselves, creating a compassionate and uplifting environment to support you as you go through treatment. You’ll also have access to a number of exciting activities along the beautiful California coastline, offering a peaceful environment for restoration and recovery.

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What Sets Our Huntington Heroin Rehab Apart?

Founded by people in recovery, our heroin addiction treatment program in Huntington Beach was created from the perspective of people who have been in your shoes before. With an environment of sober staff & leadership who understand what you’re going through, our clients are welcomed with open arms by staff that genuinely cares for each person who walks through our doors. 

Beyond our supportive atmosphere, our program also includes great amenities such as:

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Paying for Heroin Rehab in Huntington

If you’re like many others struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the cost of treatment may be a barrier preventing you from getting help. To help alleviate cost concerns, Renaissance Recovery is proud to partner with a number of insurance providers who can provide up to 100% treatment coverage.

To find out how much you’re covered for, call our friendly team today at (866) 330-9449, or click Verify Insurance below. 

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Insurance Providers Accepted

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Hear From Our Alumni

Hear From Our Alumni

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Hector R.

Best rehab I’ve ever been to.

The staff really cares about us and are always willing to help. I’m upset it took me so long to find them. The house managers are really helpful. This place really helped me get on my feet and stay sober. Even after I graduated I still felt like I was part of the family I’ve built strong bonds with a lot of people in the program; I highly recommend them

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Stephen M.

Definitely top-notch all the way!

My experience at Renaissance was truly a positive one. The treatment itself is absolutely amazing. The counselors & case managers are more than qualified in all areas and care about every client personally and individually. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues.
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Loman F.

The best experience of my life.

Chase, Kolby, and the whole team here are super supportive. I see TJ on a weekly basis checking in on the people that he helps get sober. If it wasn’t for Renaissance I wouldn’t be able to be a father and start my own journey of getting to be the man I’ve always wanted to be.

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Anjelo W.

This is the best treatment center I've been to.

Groups are long but very informative and helpful. The staff cares about you and not just your money which has been my experience in the past with other treatment centers. It’s the first time I’ve felt safe and cared for in my recovery. Highly recommend this place.

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Heroin Rehab in Huntington Beach

If you or a loved one are looking for a heroin detox, Huntington Beach treatment centers, like Renaissance Recovery is here to help. Our treatment program specializes in helping clients overcome not only their substance abuse problem, but also any underlying conditions that may be contributing to or causing the disorder in the first place. 

Call us today to and learn how our Huntington Beach heroin addiction treatment center can help you.


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