What Is PHP?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a structured form of treatment that offers evidence-based addiction treatment, therapy, holistic care, and skill-building throughout the day. It is the most intensive level of treatment on offer at Renaissance Recovery that is not entirely residential. During the day, you participate in treatment and return home each night. Addiction treatment centers in California, like Renaissance, offer PHP as a part of an outpatient addiction program.

During your stay in a PHP program, you may meet Monday through Friday for five to seven hours. Programs can last for up to six months or little as a week or two. After you finish your program, your treatment team may suggest that you continue the program through ongoing outpatient care or aftercare.

No matter the substance or the severity of your addiction issues, Renaissance Recovery has a program that is right for you. Reach out to our addiction specialists today online or by calling [Direct].

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Right for Me?

Not everyone requires 24/7 monitoring and care inside a substance abuse treatment center. Partial hospitalization offers an alternative to full-time care. However, knowing if you need this level of care can be difficult if you are struggling with addiction. A PHP is ideal if you have already completed detox or a residential addiction treatment program or if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are experiencing co-occurring disorders.
  • You are self-motivated to receive addiction treatment.
  • You have a robust support system outside of our program.
  • You have no severe medical problems.
  • You are not at risk of harming others or yourself.
  • You can still function at work or school.

Another factor to consider is your current home situation. Even if you have support from some family members, your home environment may be unstable or even volatile. As a result, staying at home may undermine your efforts to get clean and stay clean, and in this case, you might consider a residential addiction treatment program.

What to Expect During PHP

A typical day in a PHP addiction treatment program consists of different types of evidence-based treatment approaches, including individual, group, or family therapy. You may also participate in skill-building, holistic activities, and psychoeducation. A licensed mental health specialist will work with you in almost all areas of treatment.

You may also discover that you need medication to help you with cravings or withdrawal symptoms. You can meet with a member of our medical team to discuss your options for treatment and the best way to prevent any relapse as a result of your cravings. While you are in treatment, you can build a support system that may include an alumni program, support groups, or continued counseling.

Scheduling and PHP programs depend on several factors, such as the type of treatment facility you go to and the kind of therapy it offers. A facility may provide treatment such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Holist therapy program
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Vocational development
  • Alcohol and drug detox

Partial hospitalization programs are designed for short-term treatment – usually six months or less. The goal is to empower you to overcome your drug addiction or manage any mental health issues you may be struggling with.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

If you do not require 24/7 monitoring and care, you may discover some unique benefits of PHP. For instance, the treatment is more affordable since you do not need any costly overnight stays. You may also make a smoother transition back into your daily life at home, work, or school. Completing partial hospitalization gives you greater freedom in that it can allow you to become independent more quickly.

A perception of outpatient care or partial hospitalization is that you only receive a fraction of the treatment that you do in residential care. However, a partial hospitalization program offers all of the same types of essential treatment as a residential program.

Learn More About the Benefits of PHP at Renaissance Recovery

If you need help with drug or alcohol addiction, contact Renaissance Recovery. We offer a full range of addiction treatment, such as residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and PHP. To learn more about our alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in California, call Renaissance Recovery at [Direct]. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.

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Renaissance Recovery Coronavirus Policy Update

As the national pandemic continues to make it increasingly difficult for individuals to receive quality aftercare, The District Recovery Community & Renaissance Recovery has provided a solution to all those seeking long term care. We are proud to announce that we will be offering all aspects of our treatment including intimate groups, one on one therapy, and case management to individuals in all states from the comfort and safety of your home. This is a great option for clients that are in need of continued treatment, but are returning home to be with their families during this time.

The District Recovery Community and Renaissance Recovery will remain in operation during this time and continue to serve our mission of treating those suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

We encourage you all to reach out to learn more about how we can work together to ensure that our clients remain sober, safe, and continue to get the help that they need.