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Those staying at a sober living home can expect lots of laughter and life skill development. As individuals in recovery reintegrate into more responsibilities, it is crucial to also show the joys in life. With a group of like-minded men or women, the world is explored through fun activities promoting overall well-being and life skills training to prepare participants.

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Importance of Sober Living

sober living is a proven and effective way to help clients be reintroduced to their normal day-to-day life wile living in a safe environment free from temptation. Sober living is a great tool to use to help clients escape the stresses of constant cravings that often lead to relapse.



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Many people who are in a treatment program would benefit greatly from going to a sober living house during treatment, and sometimes even following treatment. But, sometimes it isn’t always easy to find a sober living community close by that will work around your outpatient treatment schedule.

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