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5 Best Non-Drinking Activities in Newport Beach

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Medically Reviewed By: Diana Vo, LMFT

February 26, 2024

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Sometimes it seems like the easiest thing to do is just go have a drink, however for many, this isn’t an option, and it can make socializing a bit of a challenge. Luckily, in Newport Beach, there is no shortage of non-drinking activities to help you maintain a sober lifestyle.

With beautiful weather year-round, and a large sober community, the options for groups to join, festivals to check out, and outdoor activities to partake in abound. With just a little searching the opportunities are endless!

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1. Enjoy The Scenery

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In Orange County, California, 73 degrees and sunny is the average temperature most of the year. With such a mild climate, outdoor living and activities are made easy!  Boasting a huge coastline too, Orange County is filled with different beaches and enclaves. While California’s coast is absolutely stunning, Southern California has a few special draws, one of which includes the mild warm weather, and its surfing opportunities.  

The warm weather makes partaking in outdoor activities easy, from surfing to kayaks or renting a Duffy around the harbor, outdoor activities are plentiful. No need to have any experience in any of these activities either! Aside from the water sports, Newport Beach has many places to hike, and parks to simply go for a walk. Balboa island offers the best of all worlds.  It has a beach, great surf, a park, and water sports easily accessible too. 

2. Grab Mocktails

So much of socializing revolves around drinks in our society.  It can feel uncomfortable turning down a happy hour with co–workers or friends, especially if you’re new to a job or town!  

Mocktails provide the remedy to this conundrum. Not only are mocktails, fake cocktails, trending, as we have seen many a celebrity announce their break-up with booze, but they are way more accessible at restaurants all over Newport Beach than you may think.  

Since Newport Beach and other towns in Orange County in particular are hubs for sober living, many restaurants have mocktail menus specifically to accommodate those who don’t drink.  This can make happy hour a breeze.  

Some of the best restaurants in Newport Beach with mocktail menus are:

  • Bosscat Kitchen
  • Malibu Farm Lido
  • Goldfinch
  • Olea.  

Check out one of these spots for a creative take on all different mocktails!  

3. Attend an Event

A concert with people who have their hands up in the air to represent live music as one of the 5 Best Non-Drinking Activities in Newport Beach and sober activities in newport beach.

Another great sober activity is attending an event. There are plenty of options for sober events in Newport Beach, these events and activities will get you out there socializing without the booze.  

If it’s music that interests you look no further than Newport Beach and the surrounding area! The from the Palm Tree Music Festival in Dana Point to the Newport Beach Jazz festival, live music is bountiful.  

The Newport Beach Art Exhibition 

If art interests you, you are also in the right place! The Newport Beach Art Exhibition has been running for 58 years strong. Head to this festival and see what local artists in all different mediums are showcasing. You can also find art shows out on Balboa Island, this year will be their 28th annual Artwalk.

Pup Fest

If you’re an animal lover, check out the 3rd annual Pup Fest.  Grab your favorite furry friend and head over to the Pasea hotel for a day filled with treats and play!

4. Join a Group 

If you’re not into festivals, Newport Beach offers many groups where people can connect over a common interest or even struggle. When you’re struggling with substance abuse and maintaining sobriety, a common bond can really help as it ties people together. 

Groups in Newport Beach, like their events, are quite diverse!

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA, alcoholics anonymous can be a great way to network and meet people that are working to maintain their sobriety. 

In addition to AA, there are many healing centers where people gather for wellness.  These centers often offer group meditation, yoga, and sometimes even cooking classes as nutrition is a huge part of wellness. Activity-based groups are very popular as well.  From cycling to tennis, to photography, you won’t have any trouble finding a group that shares a common interest of yours!

5. Enjoy the Bay

From whale watching, to deep sea fishing, to seaside tide pool exploration, the ocean at Newport Beach has a lot of fun sober activities to offer. Rent an electric bike, hop on a guided boat tour or take a coastal bus tour to see all that Newport’s bay has to offer.

There are many other opportunities other than the 5 Best Non-Drinking Activities in Newport Beach we’ve offered in this article. Do some online searching to discover all that this beautiful beachside area has to offer to find even more fun sober activities in Newport Beach California.

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