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Best Sober Huntington Beach Nightlife Activities

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Medically Reviewed By: Diana Vo, LMFT

December 15, 2023

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Recovery from alcohol use disorder is an ongoing chain of events that begins with detox and ongoing inpatient or outpatient treatment before transitioning into ongoing sober living.

In order to thrive in your sobriety, it helps to create a structured life with scheduled downtime. If you previously devoted lots of time to alcohol-based activities, there are abundant Huntington Beach nightlife activities that do not involve alcohol.

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5 Sober Nightlife Activities: Huntington Beach

For a sober nightlife in Huntington Beach, consider these five options:

  1. OC Night Market
  2. Walk the Boardwalk & Pier
  3. Nightswimming
  4. Shopping in Downtown HB
  5. The Rec Room

1) OC Night Market

OC Night Market, also known as 626 Night Market, first popped up in 2012, named for the San Gabriel Valley area code.

626 Night Market takes place in Orange County from June 2 to 4, June 9 to 11, and August 25 to 27. The market is located at 88 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa near Huntington Beach.

Here are some ways to have sober fun at the OC Night Market:

  • Try different foods: The night markets offer a wide array of tempting food options, including Asian street food, fusion dishes, and mouthwatering desserts. You can sample different cuisines, try out new flavors, and perhaps even discover your new favorite dish.
  • Watch live performances: The night markets often host live entertainment, including music, dance, and comedy shows. You can enjoy the performances while eating or walking around the market.
  • Shop for unique items: The night markets offer a wealth of shopping options, including clothing, accessories, and handmade crafts. You can find unique items here that you won’t find in regular stores.
  • Play games: Some vendors at the night markets offer games and activities like carnival games or photo booths. You can have fun with friends and family while trying to grab some prizes.
  • Socialize with sober friends: The OC Night Market is a great spot to hang out with sober friends, enjoy the food and entertainment, and maybe make new connections. You can spend a fun evening socializing and exploring the market without alcohol needing to enter the equation.

2) Walk the Boardwalk & Pier

Huntington Beach Pier and Boardwalk offer many options for those in recovery.

Walk or bike along the boardwalk: While bicycles are not permitted on the pier, you can bike or walk along the boardwalk to take in the ocean views, people-watch, and soak up the sun. Connecting with nature provides a powerful natural high.

  • Visit the pier: The iconic Huntington Beach Pier is the ideal place to take photos. You can also go fishing or watch the surfers catch some waves. Catch the sunset while the waves crash on the beach.
  • Dine at a restaurant: The boardwalk offers a broad spread of dining options, including seafood restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can enjoy a meal while taking in the views.
  • Go shopping: The boardwalk has shops selling beachwear, souvenirs, and other items. You can find unique gifts or mementos to take home as a reminder of your visit.
  • Attend a concert or event: The boardwalk and pier host various events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and markets. You can check the schedule and attend an event that interests you as you start to create a healthier sober life in Huntington Beach.

3) Nightswimming

While it may be enjoyable to swim after dark in Huntington Beach, swimming at night is not recommended.

The beach curfew is 10pm. Swimming at night can be dangerous because of limited visibility. You won’t be able to see what’s around you, so you could easily get tangled up with underwater obstructions, rocks, or jellyfish. There’s a higher chance of encountering marine life at night, from jellyfish and stingrays to sharks.

The ocean currents are usually stronger at night, too. This can make it difficult to swim back to shore, especially dangerous for inexperienced swimmers.

Beyond this, lifeguards are not on duty at night on Huntington Beach, which means that there may not be anyone to rescue you in the event of an emergency.

Embrace sober living with some nighttime swimming in Huntington Beach, but be sure to finish up before 10pm.

4) Shopping in Downtown HB

Downtown Huntington Beach nightlife doesn’t need to involve clubs or bars. Here are some ideas for sober shopping in downtown Huntington Beach:

  • Visit local boutiques: Downtown Huntington Beach is home to unique boutiques that offer a range of clothing, accessories, and gifts. You can pick up one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anywhere else and cost less than you might imagine.
  • Check out the farmer’s market: The Downtown Huntington Beach Farmer’s Market takes place every Tuesday and offers fresh produce, baked goods, and artisanal products. You can enjoy the market’s vibrant atmosphere and support local farmers and vendors at the same time.
  • Browse art galleries: Downtown Huntington Beach is home to art galleries that showcase works by local and international artists. You can explore these galleries and appreciate different art styles and mediums, relaxing and broadening your horizons as you move from addiction into ongoing recovery in Huntington Beach.
  • Visit the surf shops: Huntington Beach is known as Surf City USA, and the downtown area has several surf shops that offer surfboards, wetsuits, and other gear. You can browse these shops and learn more about surfing culture and history.

5) The Rec Room

The Rec Room is also home to several different types of entertainment options. Its casual and laid-back atmosphere makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.  The Rec Room is open daily, with different events and specials offered throughout the week. The venue is located in downtown Huntington Beach, just a few blocks from the beach, making it a convenient destination for those looking to enjoy some entertainment after a day at the beach.

The main area is a comedy club hosting new and established comics and live music, while the arcade area has a variety of classic games and modern arcade machines. There is also a billiards area with pool tables, as well as a private event space for parties and gatherings.

Head to The Rec Room and you’ll see how easy it is to have fun in Huntington Beach without requiring alcohol.

Need Help Getting Sober?

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction and you’re ready to get help, here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Recognize and admit that you have a problem with alcohol: The first step in getting help for alcohol addiction is to recognize that you have a problem with your alcohol intake. This can be challenging as denial often accompanies the development of addiction, but you need to be honest with yourself and admit the existence of a problem before your recovery can get traction.
  • Consult a healthcare professional: A healthcare professional can help you understand the physical and psychological impact of alcohol addiction and guide you towards the appropriate treatment options.
  • Seek support: You may consider joining a peer support group like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or SMART Recovery where you can find support from people with lived experience of alcoholism and recovery.
  • Connect with a supervised medical detox program: Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening in a non-clinical setting. Delirium tremens, the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal, requires medically monitoring. Medications can reduce the intensity of cravings and withdrawal symptoms, preparing you for ongoing treatment for alcohol addiction.
  • Consider inpatient or outpatient treatment: Inpatient treatment involves staying at a rehabilitation center for 30 to 90 days while engaging with intensive treatment. Outpatient treatment allows you to continue living at home while attending counseling and therapy sessions at a drug or alcohol rehab center.
  • Build a sober support system: Surround yourself with supportive friends and family members who will encourage you to stay sober and help you through the tough initial phase of recovery from alcohol addiction.
  • Create healthy coping mechanisms: Find healthy ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and other emotions that may trigger alcohol cravings. Options include exercise, meditation, and relaxation or grounding techniques.
  • Remain committed to your recovery: Getting sober is a journey, and you may encounter setbacks along the way. It’s vital to stay committed to your recovery, though, and to seek help any time you need it. We can help you achieve this at Renaissance Recovery Center in Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach Rehab at Renaissance Recovery

Here at Renaissance Recovery Center in Huntington Beach, we specialize in treating all types of addictions and mental health conditions, including alcoholism. We also provide integrated dual diagnosis treatment for alcohol addictions that co-occur with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Choose the structure and support that you need from one of the following outpatient treatment programs at Renaissance’s luxury Huntington Beach rehab:

  • PHPs (partial hospitalization programs)
  • IOPs (intensive outpatient programs)
  • Dual diagnosis treatment programs
  • Virtual IOPs (remote rehab programs)

All treatment programs deliver individualized addiction treatment that combines science-backed and holistic interventions that may include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Experiential adventure therapy
  • Aftercare

At Renaissance, we will help you create a firm foundation for ongoing sober living in Huntington Beach. Call admissions today at 866.330.9449 and start safely detoxing from alcohol tomorrow.



At Renaissance Recovery our goal is to provide evidence-based treatment to as many individuals as possible. Give us a call today to verify your insurance coverage or to learn more about paying for addiction treatment.

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