How Can I Afford a Drug Recovery Center Near Huntington Beach, CA?

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A drug recovery center may not be as expensive as you might imagine. If you have never been through rehab, you might have obtained your perception from regular, mostly misleading media highlights. Some media stories over-focus on celebs in luxurious treatment facilities. At Renaissance Recovery in CA, we understand that rehab facilities are not as exact as the media portray.

You may indeed afford the services of some over luxurious residential rehab facilities at Renaissance Recovery. However, it does not mean you cannot afford a drug recovery center near Huntington Beach, CA.

Paying for Drug Recovery Services

Whether you are paying yourself or through your insurance carrier, you cannot fail to find a rehab center to help you overcome your mental condition.

If you have a health insurance plan, the usual out-of-pocket expenditures for alcohol or drug treatment include coinsurance or copays of about 10% to 50%. Some insurance policies cover full rehab costs after meeting the deductible.

There are various options for financing your drug treatment.

Military Insurance

TRICARE can be your best option for rehab payment if you qualify as a beneficiary of treatment programs for facilities catering for Americans in the military. Military insurance can cover many services, including drug detox, residential rehab, stabilization, and outpatient treatment programs.

Private Insurance

Most clients in a drug recovery center in the US pay for their treatment through private insurance plans. It comprises roughly half of the American health insurance. Although a private insurance plan is the best way of funding rehab services, the extent of coverage depends on the specific policy’s terms. The type of treatment facility of your choice can also limit the use of your private insurance policy.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

ACA has become a popular way of financing alcohol and drug rehab. The ACA and the Patient Protection Act are law entitling you to addiction treatment. The ACA prevents insurance carriers from considering mental disorders as pre-existing conditions.

The Act sponsors insurance options for sale online. The plans offer coverage similar to those in private insurance options. ACA covers a range of services, including clinic visits, addiction evaluation, treatment, home visits, family counseling, and anti-craving drugs.

Medicaid and Medicare

Medicare and Medicaid are public-funded health insurance plans aiming to lower the costs of medication in the US. The federal government funds Medicare. It is available for Americans aged 65 or older and those with disabilities. Medicaid is both federal and state-funded. It pays for health services for low-income earners. You can get both if you fall into both categories.

Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans can provide you with low-cost or free alcohol and drug treatment services. Remember, different states have varying eligibility criteria and service coverage. Eligibility rules also change yearly. If they refused you Medicare or Medicaid in the past, you might be eligible at present.

What to Expect in a Drug Recovery Center

If you or your loved ones are considering drug treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, you will be glad to know that you can access a wide range of treatment options, such as:

Get Affordable Rehab Treatment at Renaissance Recovery

Do not let the lack of finances prevent you from living a healthy life or starting your journey to a substance-free life. You can utilize any of the ways mentioned above to fund your rehab treatment. Our drug recovery center can help you get started on recovery today. Contact Renaissance Recovery at [Direct] for a free consultation and affordable rehab therapy programs.866.330.9449

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