Have You Considered a PHP in Fountain Valley?

Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Some struggle with the effects of substance abuse, leaving them hopeless. Fortunately, a partial hospitalization program can offer the skills and resources you need to break free from addiction. In a PHP, you will receive the same level of care as you would in a residential program but with the option to sleep at home or in a sober living facility.

Enroll in a proven-effective partial hospitalization program in Fountain Valley. Contact Renaissance Recovery at [Direct] to learn about the available addiction treatment programs.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A PHP is an addiction treatment program that provides several hours of therapy, then lets you go back home after the day’s routine. PHP is an effective way of treating mental illnesses and substance abuse at varying levels of care.

The ideal addiction treatment program for you will be dictated by the level of care you need. If your case requires a structured environment without around-the-clock medical supervision, then a partial hospitalization program (PHP) will suit you best.

You can benefit from Renaissance Recovery partial hospitalization program if:

  • You are having trouble with drug withdrawal after detoxifying.
  • You have gone through detox for the first time but don’t require constant medical support.
  • You need medication management.
  • You just completed a residential treatment program.
  • You need significant mental health treatment therapy.

Why Should You Consider a PHP in Fountain Valley?

Your current situation might not allow you to enroll in a residential addiction treatment program. At the same time, working through drug addiction alone can be draining and frustrating. In such a case, a PHP in Fountain Valley is the best option for the following reasons:


A PHP is cheaper than residential treatment programs because it eliminates the accommodation component. This means that you can get the same treatment and resources at a lower price.

Flexibility to Fulfill Your Commitments

A PHP will allow you to participate in your family commitments. Therefore, you can still take care of your dependents while undergoing treatment. You can also get a personalized PHP that leaves you time for school or work.

Easier Transition into Independent Living

A PHP will offer aftercare services like life skills and sober living skills to help you transition into independent living. Residential programs are highly structured with full-time medical care. On the other hand, outpatient programs offer independent living with less structure. A PHP bridges the gap between residential and outpatient programs.

Diverse Support Groups

A PHP will offer personalized therapies to enrich your mental health, resilience, and well-being. You will also receive support from your group therapy members, counselors, and family and friends at home.

What to Expect in a PHP in Fountain Valley

A partial hospitalization program requires the availability of at least 20 hours a week. During this time, you will have individual and group therapy sessions. Your progress will be monitored by a certified psychiatrist every week. You will also receive medical education on addiction-related topics.

Renaissance Recovery partial hospitalization programs combine various treatment approaches. Some of the services you will receive in Fountain Valley include:

After completing the partial hospitalization program, you can enroll in an intensive outpatient program in Fountain Valley, where you will get fewer therapy hours as you go on with your daily activities.

Find a Partial Hospitalization Program at Renaissance Recovery

You don’t have to uproot your entire life to go through addiction treatment while you can enroll in a PHP. At Renaissance Recovery, we’ll create a custom treatment program to suit your needs. We will provide a team of qualified specialists to take good care of you and offer advice on cultivating lifelong sobriety. Call Renaissance Recovery at [Direct], or contact us online to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

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Renaissance Recovery Coronavirus Policy Update

As the national pandemic continues to make it increasingly difficult for individuals to receive quality aftercare, The District Recovery Community & Renaissance Recovery has provided a solution to all those seeking long term care. We are proud to announce that we will be offering all aspects of our treatment including intimate groups, one on one therapy, and case management to individuals in all states from the comfort and safety of your home. This is a great option for clients that are in need of continued treatment, but are returning home to be with their families during this time.

The District Recovery Community and Renaissance Recovery will remain in operation during this time and continue to serve our mission of treating those suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

We encourage you all to reach out to learn more about how we can work together to ensure that our clients remain sober, safe, and continue to get the help that they need.