Renaissance Recovery Editorial Policy

At Renaissance Recovery, we’re dedicated to providing a trustworthy & accurate resource for those seeking to learn about addiction & the journey to recovery. 

Our Editorial Process

Qualified Writers and Contributors

Our writers have extensive knowledge and experience writing about all things addiction-related. Along with our writers, we work with our expert clinical team, including licensed therapists, to ensure the accuracy of the content we provide.

Trustworthy Sources

At Renaissance, we utilize only trustworthy and respected sources for our content, primarily using statistics, reports, and peer-reviewed studies from trusted government entities or educational institutions such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or National Institutes of Health.

Review and Edit all Content

Our content goes through an extensive and strict review process to ensure that everything on our site is accurate and reliable. This includes pre-writing, writing, and edits for accuracy and semantics. We also have clinicians on our team review articles to ensure language related to addiction and treatment is verified at the highest level.

Our content is also regularly updated to ensure that articles and posts contain the most recent and accurate information possible.

Editorial Cornerstones


Ensuring our content is accurate and up-to-date is paramount. We achieve this through rigorous fact-checking and utilizing reputable sources across all of our content. Moreover, our clinical team helps review content for errors and make any corrections necessary to provide users with the most factual information possible.


At Renaissance, we work to avoid sensationalism and make sure our content is respectful to the user as well as those in recovery or seeking treatment. We also only share stories of clients who have given their express consent to share. We deeply respect the privacy of previous and future clients and work to avoid sharing any sensitive details that may impact confidentiality.


We work to ensure that we write content that is not only accurate but also up-to-date and timely with new studies and surveys to make sure whoever is reading our content gets the highest quality article possible. We also make regular content updates and regularly review content so that it reflects the most current research and information.


If you believe something on our site is inaccurate or can be improved upon, please contact today.