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image of woman representing the question is anxiety medicine addictive

How to Stop Addiction

Making the decision to recover from addiction is a personal and rewarding choice. While addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease, it is treatable and manageable

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how does addiction start | Renaissance Recovery

How Does Addiction Start?

Among the questions we are asked most frequently at Renaissance Recovery are “how does addiction start?”, or “how does drug addiction start?“ Well, every person is

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A man stands on the beach at sundown to represent the question, "what is a lean drink?".

What Is a Lean Drink?

Lean is a dangerous, illicit drink that goes by many names, including lean drink, purple lean, purple drank, dirty sprite, lean drug, lean purple drank,

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a black and white photo of a person with their head in their hands to represent opioid overdose. .

Causes of Depression

Depression is a common mood disorder affecting 10% of the US population at any given time. Also labeled clinical depression or major depressive disorder, this debilitating

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