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According to a report published by Orange County Health Care Agency, substance overdoses or poisonings in the county reach over five thousand hospitalizations and approximately seven hundred fatalities annually — this is where a drug addiction treatment program can help. With those statistics in mind, many friends and families of those who are suffering from substance use disorder look for a prescription drug addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA. See what Renaissance Recovery’s California rehab offers, why it’s beneficial to attend, and what to expect.

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What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prescription drug addiction happens gradually or even accidentally, and often begins with medication misuse. The signs of prescription drug addiction vary depending on which prescriptions the patient is taking. For instance, opioid addiction, like with Percocet, might cause confusion, constipation, and drowsiness. If someone is abusing anti-anxiety medications and sedatives, you might notice that they’re having issues with memory, slurred speech, and unsteady walking. Those who are abusing stimulants might experience a reduction in their appetite, paranoia, and agitation. And some of these may even cause a paradoxical effect in which the medication has the opposite effect than what was intended. No matter the symptoms, prescription drug abuse will not simply disappear on its own. This kind of abuse needs to be addressed in a safe environment, such as Renaissance Recovery’s prescription drug addiction treatment center.

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Why Attend a Prescription Drug Treatment Center?

Prescription drug addiction is nearly impossible to conquer without the aid of medical professionals. Renaissance Recovery’s experienced team is ready to help. Let’s look at the following reasons why individuals should consider attending our prescription drug addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA:

  • Orange County has over five thousand hospitalizations due to substance abuse, including prescription drugs.
  • Over seven hundred deaths are occurring each year that relate to substance abuse in the county.
  • Prescription drugs cause over half of Orange County’s deaths.
  • In 2017, women were 1.6 times more likely to use prescription drugs and overdose in the county.

It is critical to find help for prescription drug abuse or addiction before experiencing severe side effects. The best addiction treatment program could save your life or that of a loved one.

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What to Expect During Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Those who are suffering from prescription drug addiction must participate in a program that focuses on counseling, detox, and, when necessary, medication-assisted treatment. Sometimes treatments at our prescription drug addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA must include multiple courses before patients achieve a successful recovery.

These addiction treatments and therapies are available as an outpatient or intensive outpatient program (IOP). For those who can’t get away from family or work obligations, the outpatient and IOP options are the best environments for healing. Some individuals prefer attending a treatment program and then returning to their residential lives. Whichever level of care you’re interested in, please consider the advice of certified specialists during a consultation. 


The Benefits of Renaissance Recovery’s Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center 

Individuals suffering from prescription drug addiction benefit from attending addiction treatment centers for a variety of reasons. It’s challenging to overcome these obstacles alone. As a result, attending a prescription drug addiction treatment program gives individuals the support necessary for recovery. Here are some of the benefits of specialized substance abuse treatment:

  • Structured care to provide a routine
  • Safe and supportive environments away from addiction triggers
  • A variety of therapies and treatments for individualized care
  • Medical support available 24/7
  • Goal-setting to get your life on track
  • Development of new habits and coping skills
  • Aftercare support following recovery to prevent relapse

Find a Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center Near You

Do you, a family member, or someone else you know have questions about attending Renaissance Recovery’s prescription drug addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA? No one should have to experience these challenges without help. Contact Renaissance Recovery by either calling our team or completing our secure online form to learn more about prescription drug addiction and how a treatment center can help.

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