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Close to half a million people reported using heroin in 2017, and the number may be even higher now. With the many dangers of using this substance, it’s not surprising that approximately 15,482 people died from a heroin overdose in that same year. Luckily, there is heroin treatment California offers throughout the state.

For those in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and near Orange County, Renaissance Recovery is a Southern California recovery center that provides resources and rehab help for those in need.

Not every client can admit to an intensive outpatient program. The levels of care depend on the severity of withdrawal symptoms, length of substance abuse, and when the last time you used the substance. Below we are going to outline the levels of care for you.

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Levels of Care for Heroin Addiction

Heroin detox can be painful and very harmful if you do on your own. Detoxing from heroin should never be attempted on your own. You are dealing with a drug that is directly affects the brain receptors and the pleasure centers of your brain. The composition of your body has been changed. Trying to detox on your own will not only cause serious pain, but it can prove to be life-threatening.

There will be pain involved in this stage because there is no medical treatment administered. Most treatment centers offer medication-assisted treatment during detox that allows the client to become more comfortable during detox. Over time your tolerance builds up very quickly so withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe. But with the medical supervision the time passes, but the recovery length may vary depending on severity of addiction or degree of physical dependence. The process may take several days or weeks depending on how heroin has damaged their body.

Let’s briefly take a closer look at heroin withdrawal to get a better understanding of the problem.

Heroin Withdrawal

First, you need to understand not all people experience the same symptoms of heroin withdrawal. There are mild to severe symptoms which you can learn in more detail about here.

These can range from bone aches, chills, abdominal crams, to diarrhea, fatigue, extreme anxiety, rapid heart rate, and the inability to experience any feelings of pleasure.

The Timeline

Once again this depends on the person. But the first phase is detoxification and residential treatment. It can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days. .

Signs of a Heroin Overdose

If someone you know is showing overdose symptoms call 9-1-1 immediately. The very early stages are confusion and disorientation, pupils being to dilate, shallow breathing, a discolored tongue or weak pulse can all be present as well. The critical danger comes with the later symptoms. Someone will have a significant problem breathing and their pulse begins to weaken. Call 9-1-1 immediately.

Learn more about the progression of a heroin overdose here.

These usually last 20 to 45 days depending on your substance abuse history. While this can be the most intensive program, it gives clients the ability to get out of their current environments. There are many things that can contribute to substance abuse. Getting out of the current environment is crucial to your success. After that you will be transferred to a PHP or intensive outpatient program.

While these inpatient programs can be expensive, they provide a variety of different programs and, your insurance typically covers most the of the bill. The inpatient program allows clients to get rid of toxins and move to the next phase where they become a productive member of society once again.

Most inpatient and residential programs offer individualized drug treatments, counseling, case management, group therapy and other services as needed. An inpatient program may include: detoxification, medications for relief of withdrawal symptoms during heroin detox, medically monitored withdrawals so your risk is minimized when you withdraw off it

Heroin PHP is the middle ground between residential and intensive outpatient treatment. The level of care is determined off how many days sober you have. The core difference between after options like a partial hospitalization program, IOP, and OP is the hours of programming and therapy hours. In PHP, you will not have 24 hours a day of programming and therapy like in a residential program; but you still get hours per day, less than the other levels.

Intensive outpatient or IOP is the next step to allow clients to become a functioning member of society again. IOP is a critical step of your recovery journey. With even less hours, when your treatment team believes you are ready they will help you find a job. They will prep you for interviews, look at your resume, and give you critiques on your portfolios. You are also likely to participate in a ton of fun activities like surfing, boxing, gym days, kick ball, soccer, hikes all around California.

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Our Heroin Rehab In Southern California

Your first step for heroin rehab is to contact our heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County and start the rehab admissions process either over the phone or through an online form.

The rehab coordinator will take down information from you, such as your name, medical history, mental health history, and drug use history. The coordinator will also ask you about your current situation, including what drugs you are using, how often, and how much. This will give them an idea about the severity of your situation.

Next, the coordinator will verify your insurance benefits by contacting your carrier for you. This usually helps expedite the process, and the rehab coordinator will know how to deal with the insurance provider to ensure you get the best coverage options. Insurance providers cannot deny you coverage outright, but they may not pay the entire part. The rehab coordinator will advise you about what part is covered under your plan.

Heroin Treatment Programs

There are many different heroin treatment options. Heroin is a hazardous drug with a high potential for addiction. If you or someone you care about are suffering from heroin addiction, admission into a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County is the first step towards lasting heroin addiction recovery. At Renaissance Recovery Center, we offer a range of addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services in Orange County, CA.

Upon your admission into our heroin addiction treatment center, the addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to determine the unique underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your heroin addiction. At our heroin addiction treatment center, you will learn valuable coping skills to avoid turning to heroin in times of distress, in addition to overcoming the physical symptoms of heroin addiction.

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Heroin Rehab Covered by Insurance

If you or a loved one is dealing with a heroin problem and need to better understand how you’re going to pay for heroin treatment, there are options available to help you afford rehab. For example, at Renaissance Recovery, our heroin treatment program takes numerous different types of insurance policies including Aetna, BCBS, Beacon, and more. 

To learn more about coverage for your specific situation and get a better understanding of what you might be in for during treatment, please reach out to our team today and get more specific information for the best rehab for heroin addiction covered by insurance.

Renaissance Recovery’s California Heroin Treatment Center

Life at a heroin addiction treatment center consists of a structured schedule of daily addiction treatment programs and addiction therapies that help you develop the skills necessary to adjust to normal life after successful heroin addiction treatment. You will spend time with a certified professional therapist as well as group therapy with peers that are determined to turn their life around by overcoming heroin addiction.

At Renaissance Recovery Center, our experienced therapists are ready to walk with you on this journey. Our goal is to get you to a healthy, happy future, which starts at our heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA.

Renaissance differs ourselves from other treatment centers because our community is family. Orange County, California is the hub for treatment centers. It has one of the largest recovery communities in the U.S. Bonding with people like you, is a core aspect of the journey to recovery.

Rehabilitation can put an end to addiction

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment.

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