Close to half a million people reported using heroin in 2017, and the number may be even higher now. With the many dangers of using this substance, it’s not surprising that approximately 15,482 people died from a heroin overdose in that same year. The dangers of heroin are increasing due to some drug dealers putting fentanyl in with the heroin, making it much more potent. The need for a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA is essential in every major area around the country. For those in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, a substance abuse treatment center in Southern California provides resources and rehab help for those in need.

Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Southern CaliforniaA nurse comforts a woman at a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County

Your first step for heroin rehab is to contact a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County and start the rehab admissions process either over the phone or through an online form.

The rehab coordinator will take down information from you such as your name, medical history, mental health history, and drug use history. The coordinator will also ask you about your current situation — what drugs you are using, how often, and how much. This will give them an idea about the severity of your situation.

Next, the coordinator will verify your insurance benefits by contacting your carrier for you. This usually helps expedite the process and the rehab coordinator will know how to deal with the insurance provider to ensure you get the best coverage options. Insurance providers are not allowed to deny you coverage outright, but they may not pay the entire part. The rehab coordinator will advise you about what part is covered under your plan.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs

Heroin is an extremely dangerous drug with a high potential for addiction. If you are suffering from heroin addiction or know someone who is, admission into a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County is the first step towards lasting heroin addiction recovery. At Renaissance Recovery Center, we offer a range of addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services in Orange County, CA. Upon your admission into a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA the addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to determine the unique underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your heroin addiction. At a heroin addiction treatment center, you will learn valuable coping skills to avoid turning to heroin in times of distress, in addition to overcoming the physical symptoms of heroin addiction. Our addiction therapy services and heroin addiction treatment programs in Southern California include:

Life at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Life at a heroin addiction treatment center consists of a structured schedule of daily addiction treatment programs and addiction therapies that help you develop the skills necessary to adjust to normal life after successful heroin addiction treatment. You will spend time with a certified professional therapist as well as group therapy with peers that are determined to turn their life around by overcoming heroin addiction.

At Renaissance Recovery Center, our experienced therapists are ready to walk with you on this journey. Our goal is to get you to a healthy, happy future at our heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA.

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Don’t let heroin addiction hold you down from enjoying a full and meaningful life. You can be an overcomer and conquer your substance abuse by going to a quality heroin addiction treatment center in Southern California. Contact Renaissance Recovery Center at 866.330.9449 to regain control of your life today!