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When searching for a California rehab, it is essential to keep in mind that there are many facilities with diverse treatment plans in the state. However, it is advisable to select a center that offers evidence-based programs. An effective treatment plan should also be tailor-made, adjusting to your current and future needs. You can get effective treatment plans for meth, cocaine, alcohol, heroin, and benzos at Renaissance Recovery in California.

So, what are the most common science-based treatment programs in our center near Malibu?

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Rehab Near Malibu, California

Addiction recovery is a difficult thing to go through, if you try to go at it alone it is nearly impossible. However, with the help of drug treatment centers in gorgeous locations like Malibu, California, it can help make your time and situation easier to deal with.

Not only will going to an addiction treatment center in Malibu, or another California location, provide you with the professional care and support that you need to learn to conquer your addiction, the setting will provide you or your loved one with the tranquility to make your time more enjoyable and relaxing.

Renaissance Recovery is one treatment center in California that takes full advantage of its amazing location. We have tons of community and alumni events throughout each month doing everything from surfing, to beach clean-ups, to pool days and BBQs, we make sure that each client not only is getting the treatment they need but the support they deserve during their time with Renaissance. 

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Malibu Rehab Centers

As we’ve mentioned before, Malibu, and California in general, is a great place to find a treatment facility and recovery community, but what exactly can you expect during your time in a Malibu outpatient rehab?

Let’s take a closer look.


Drug Rehab

During a drug rehab program, clients will first go through an intake process to help clinicians determine what the individual situation and needs are for the client based on their addiction profile. From there, clinicians and the clinical director will create a personalized care plan that can include everything from medication-assisted treatment to vocational development to dialectical behavior therapy, and more. 

Along with individual and group therapy treatments, clients are welcome to, as we’ve mentioned previously, participate in community and alumni events during and after their time with Renaissance. These events offer clients a great opportunity to meet people dealing with similar issues, some of whom have been in recovery for years who can offer mentorship and advice to newly sober clients.


Alcohol Rehab

Along with drug rehab, Renaissance offers alcohol recovery as well. While programming and treatment options may look similar depending on what clinicians decide on, detox will often be a part of an alcohol-addicted client’s treatment plan. Detoxification is the first step in the recovery process and is used to help clients overcome the early stages of sobriety characterized by withdrawal.


Malibu Mental Health Rehab

Along with help for drug and alcohol addictions, clients who are looking for help in regards to their mental health can also get treatment for various mental health disorders either alone or as part of a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Mental health is something that can be overlooked when it comes to getting help for an addiction problem but oftentimes people who are struggling with addiction will have underlying mental health disorders that may be contributing to or causing their substance abuse in the first place. This is where a dual diagnosis treatment program can come in handy.

Even for people not dealing with an addiction problem, Renaissance has mental health treatment programs in place to help anyone and everyone who needs it. Please call today to learn more about how Renaissance can help you or your loved one.

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malibu rehab | Renaissance Recovery


Alumni and Aftercare Programs in Malibu

After finishing your drug rehab program, you might need continued support to maintain your sobriety. You may need to join an alumni program to continue sharing and learning from other people in recovery. Such programs allow you to form social bonds with like-minded people who can help you or your loved one through any hard times during your recovery journey.

As most people in the addiction space know, addiction is a lifelong disease. Just because you go to an addiction treatment center, doesn’t mean you will never struggle again. But going through aftercare by yourself will make the process more difficult.

Meeting with professionals as well as those who have been in your shoes before can help provide you with the support and advice you will need to fully commit to long-term recovery. 

What to Expect in Our Drug Rehab Near Malibu

If you are struggling with substance abuse, there is still hope. If you or your loved ones are looking for healthy ways to quit alcohol or drugs, you will be glad to know that several individual and group therapy programs can help you achieve permanent sobriety.

Along with various therapeutic methods, clients will also likely receive other forms of treatment to help them during and after their time in a Malibu rehab. Things like vocational development courses, medication-assisted treatment, and adventure therapy are all common for Renaissance clients to experience. 

Malibu Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

While you might have made up your mind about seeking drug or alcohol treatment, not all programs can adjust to your schedule. But an intensive outpatient program (IOP) allows you to spend a substantial amount of your time in treatment while continuing with your other responsibilities. In this plan, there is no requirement to live in our drug rehab center.

The design of an IOP is such that you can still work, be there for your family, and spend time with your friends while still receiving intensive treatment. You may attend your therapy sessions after or before work, during lunchtimes, or on weekends. There are numerous benefits of IOP, including:

  • The flexibility allows you to attend treatment at your most convenient time.
  • It is less costly than a residential drug treatment program.
  • The ability to practice the skills you learn from the drug rehab near Malibu immediately.
  • Accessibility to social support both at the rehab center and at home
  • You can still perform other crucial responsibilities while undergoing treatment.

Renaissance Recovery’s Treatment Center Near Malibu

There is no shortage of treatment options when you check into our drug rehab near Malibu. But it would help to begin by evaluating the severity of your substance use disorder and the time you can invest in treatment. 

We can offer you different treatment intensity levels as you undergo recovery. Contact Renaissance Recovery at 866.330.9449 to learn more about overcoming alcohol or drug abuse.

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