Are you looking for drug rehab near Los Angeles? You will be glad to know that you will have access to several addiction treatment programs to help you overcome drug-related issues. If you or your loved ones are searching for further levels of care after residential rehab, our outpatient services in California can be an invaluable resource.

What to Expect in Our Drug Rehab Near Los Angeles

Mental health experts observe that you play a pivotal role in your recovery path, and seeking medical attention is a significant milestone towards recovery. Shying from asking for help to manage addiction and facilitate recovery makes it difficult to realize your dream of achieving sobriety. Most people in recovery relapse because they do not access support to maintain sobriety.

Our rehab center has easy accessibility and friendly reception. Furthermore, our drug rehab programs provide you with an optimal environment to facilitate recovery safely and effectively.

Before you join our drug rehab near Los Angeles, our therapists’ questions may include:

  • Do you require medical detox in our drug rehab center?
  • Which other types of programs do you need?
  • What other aftercare services do you require to maintain permanent sobriety?
  • Will you be paying cash or using mental health insurance covers?
  • Can you start attending rehab immediately, or do you need to book the next available schedules?

The questions are helpful in the process of identifying the programs that meet your needs. Once we have satisfactory answers, you can request to tour our treatment center. You can also schedule a physical meeting with our therapist to learn more about your treatment procedures.

Types of Treatment Programs Available

To facilitate permanent recovery, our rehab center has a wide array of addiction treatment programs, including:

If you are battling a dual diagnosis or food-related disorder, you should speak out during the first appointment so that your therapist can create a customized treatment plan for your needs.

Payment for Rehab Treatment near Los Angeles, CA

You should only proceed to pay for our drug rehab near Los Angeles when you are satisfied with our services.

During your first visit to the drug rehab center, you will have an opportunity to interact with our health care providers and discuss if your insurance can cater to the medical expenses. It is worth noting that your insurance cover may take care of the whole or part of treatment costs. However, some policies cover only specific treatments.

The Affordable Care Act stipulates that your health insurance must cover drug and substance abuse treatment costs. Changes in government policies have made insurance companies to cover addiction treatment costs. However, the amount of coverage that you will receive depends on your insurance premium.

Some insurance plans do not cover the costs of drug rehab programs. However, some insurance firms will cover more programs than others. For instance, outpatient programs have elaborate covers than residential programs.

Our therapists will enable you to get an insight into what your insurance can pay.

Can You Afford Rehab Treatment Without Insurance?

The critical nature of rehab makes it essential to have a health insurance cover to relieve you of the burden. But there are other ways to fund your rehab program, including getting financial help from loved ones or using your savings. Also, taking a small loan is essential to finance such a crucial life-changing activity.

It is advisable to discuss the costs with our therapist to decide on the friendly payment plans.

Get Drug Addiction Treatment at Renaissance Recovery

If you are looking for drug rehab near Los Angeles, look no further than Renaissance Recovery. Our therapists can help you take the essential steps to successful addiction recovery. Contact Renaissance Recovery at 866.330.9449 to schedule your initial consultation.