For better or worse, drinking alcohol is prevalent in almost all phases of our society. From having a beer at a ball game to toasts with champagne at a holiday party, alcohol can be consumed almost anywhere. It can feel as though there is no escape from the pressure to drink for those struggling with alcohol addiction.  However, some people cannot recognize that they have an alcohol addiction. In order to get treatment, admitting alcohol addiction is an essential first step on the road to recovery.


A group of people sit on white chairs and put their arms around each other at an alcohol addiction treatment center in orange county caDo You Have an Alcohol Addiction?

If you are unsure if you have an alcohol addiction, ask yourself the following:

  • Has alcohol interfered with your daily obligations, like work, school, or child care?
  • Has alcohol made relationships with friends and family difficult?
  • Have you had legal issues as a result of alcohol consumption?
  • Have you found it hard to have a good time without drinking alcohol?
  • Have people in your life expressed concern about your drinking?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it might indicate that you have an alcohol addiction.

Renaissance Recovery offers comprehensive individualized treatment for alcohol addiction at our treatment center in Orange County, CA. We provide an integrated approach to recovery that includes both evidence-based treatment and holistic therapy. You or a loved one can get the professional care needed to get through every stage of recovery, including rehab and aftercare at a substance abuse treatment center in Southern California.

Alcohol Addiction’s Affect on Families

Alcohol abuse has a terrible affect on the family members surrounding the person with alcohol addiction. From child neglect or financial problems to verbal or physical abuse, alcohol addiction can destroy otherwise healthy and happy families. In fact, fifty-five percent of domestic abuse cases in the U.S. involved alcohol.

If you believe someone you care about may have an alcohol addiction,  contact Renaissance Recovery today either online or by calling 866.330.9449. Sometimes, it takes a valued loved one to guide a person to enter alcohol addiction treatment.

Renaissance Recovery’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Southern California

Our alcohol addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA, includes full facilities, outpatient services, innovative solutions, and a licensed staff that genuinely cares about your recovery.  We can help you overcome your addiction to alcohol and get on the path to a full recovery.

The most crucial step in overcoming alcohol addiction is admission into an alcohol addiction treatment center.

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, admission into an alcohol addiction treatment center is the first step in overcoming your alcohol addiction. At Renaissance Recovery Center, we offer a range of alcohol addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services in Southern California. Upon your admission into our alcohol addiction treatment programs, the addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to determine the unique underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your alcohol addiction.

At an alcohol addiction treatment center, you will overcome the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction and learn valuable coping skills to avoid turning to alcohol when faced with trauma. By understanding yourself and the addictive behaviors that led to your alcohol addiction, you can develop healthier habits to get your life back on track. Our addiction therapy services and alcohol addiction treatment programs in Southern California include:

Alcohol Rehab Admissions

You can start the rehab admissions process online or by calling 866.330.9449. The alcohol rehab coordinator will ask for basic information such as your name, medical history, mental health history, and drug use history. The coordinator will also ask you about what drugs you are currently using, how often, and how much. This will give them an idea about the severity of your situation.

Next, the coordinator will verify your insurance benefits by contacting your insurance provider. This usually helps expedite the process, and the rehab coordinator will know how to deal with the insurance provider to ensure you get the best coverage options. Insurance providers are not allowed to deny you coverage outright, but they may not pay the entire expense of alcohol addiction treatment. However, the rehab admissions coordinator will advise you about what part is covered under your plan and your financial options for alcohol addiction treatment.

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You don’t need to suffer from alcohol addiction anymore. Overcome alcohol addiction through a comprehensive dual diagnosis of alcohol addiction treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center. Contact Renaissance Recovery Center at 866.330.9449 to regain control of your life by making a lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.