woman taking in the air at the beach after women's rehab program orange countyAddiction is a disease that affects both men and women, but that doesn’t mean each gender benefits from the same approach to treatment. Since women have some inherent differences, it stands to reason that their experiences with substance abuse will differ. A women’s rehab program has definite advantages for addicts since they address the different experiences of women. Rehab for women is sensitive to their needs in treatment and provide a comfortable environment for healing without distractions at a substance abuse treatment center in Southern California.

Women Experience Addiction Differently

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, there’s strong evidence to support addiction treatment programs tailored to women. The women’s rehab program is designed to treat only women. When women undergo treatment in this context, it helps to remove the distractions of men. Thus, allowing patients to feel more comfortable in their women’s rehab program. The program also features specific areas of focus that benefit personal growth and achievement in women.

How Do Gender-Specific Treatment Programs Help in Recovery?

While the effects of substance abuse and addiction may be similar among both sexes, the path to addiction and recovery tends to differ between the genders. Additionally, both men and women will face barriers that can be unique to their gender and require additional attention during the treatment process. In a gender-specific treatment program that is specifically created for men or women, those who are in treatment share not only many of the same issues directly related to their addictions, but they also share common general life experiences. For example, common factors shared by peers in these types of programs might include experiences as a spouse and a parent.

Men naturally want to protect their image as being tough and strong when in the presence of a woman. That’s why, when it comes to opening up and sharing feelings, men relate to men better than they do to women. Of course, the same applies to women. They are more likely to open up and share their feelings with another woman or a group of women. With this in mind, many addiction treatment programs now offer separate men’s and women’s groups as part of their curriculum.

Women’s Rehab Program Helps Recovery

Men and women are just as likely as one another to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Yet, research has proven that in most cases, women will use drugs differently. They respond to drugs differently and have their own challenges in completing substance abuse treatment programs.

For these very reasons, it has been proven that women’s rehab programs enhance recovery. At Renaissance, we believe the separation of genders gives our clients better opportunities to address core issues. It becomes easier to share why they started using drugs or how they feel when using drugs, as well as factors such as their home life, relationships, and any co-occurring disorders that may exist. Our women’s rehab program encourages women to create their own road to recovery. They make their own goals and reclaim their identities free from pressures.

Our women’s rehab treatment program in Orange County, CA, allows women to lend more focus to themselves and their healing process. In women’s rehab programs, there are no distractions or pressures caused by men. Often, men and women will form relationships to replace a “void” during treatment. At Renaissance, we eliminate these distractions to create the safest, most supportive environment for women.

Addiction Treatment Programs

A women’s rehab treatment program provides the comprehensive addiction treatment necessary for long-term drug addiction recovery. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services, to provide you with the support necessary for lasting recovery, including:

In an all-female setting, young women are more likely to share personal, intimate information if surrounded by peers they can relate to. In co-ed addiction treatment, it is likely some women may not confront all of their issues. Unaddressed issues cause shame, guilt, and prevent successful recovery.

Another benefit of our women’s rehab program in Southern California is that the staff is specifically trained to work with women. In these facilities, there is an overarching institutional knowledge that can be extremely supportive of women in recovery.

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