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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our California medication-assisted treatment programs are in place to help clients to overcome the withdrawal symptoms of addiction that can complicate the treatment process. This allows clients to attempt to bypass the cravings associated with early sobriety and focus completely on the treatment process and learning to live a sober, healthy life.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Renaissance Recovery’s IOP in California offers clients a comprehensive treatment program during their time with us. Our clinical team evaluates each client and creates an individualized treatment plan that can include everything from medication-assisted treatment to cognitive behavioral therapy to dual diagnosis treatment.

Mental Health Treatment

Oftentimes, people who are dealing with addiction problems have underlying mental health conditions that may not only be contributing to the addiction but actively causing it. This is called a dual diagnosis. Luckily, our treatment center looks at each individual case and designs treatment plans catered for each client’s situation.

Partial Hospitalization Program

If you are looking for a partial hospitalization program, Renaissance Recovery California rehab center can offer clients full-time treatment for drug and alcohol addiction to help them learn the tools and knowledge they need to fight addiction.

California Addiction Treatment

At our California outpatient drug rehab allows clients will go through a number of different types of evidence-based treatment methods including addiction therapy. These types of therapy programs include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and more and can help with whatever form of substance abuse you are struggling with including heroin addiction or meth addiction.

Laguna Beach Rehab

Our addiction treatment program serves the greater Orange County area, including Laguna Beach, California. If you or someone you love needs addiction treatment in Laguna Beach, please reach out to our team today and we can get you set up with a detox program, inpatient rehab, and an outpatient and aftercare program to help you continue your sober journey.

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What to Expect at a California Rehab Center

When it comes to addiction treatment, tranquility matters. At a California rehab program, like Renaissance Recovery, clients will be able to go through the treatment process while enjoying the peace and serenity of Southern California. Walks on the beaches, dips in the pool, and soaking up the sunshine are all thing our clients enjoy during their time in treatment. 

That said, we don’t take treatment lightly. To overcome addiction, our clients will go through various evidence-based treatment programs that will change on a case-by-case basis. Individualized care, dual diagnosis treatment, and aftercare/alumni support are all things we take very seriously here at Renaissance.

California rehab at Renaissance Recovery
California rehab at Renaissance Recovery

Get Help at the Best Rehab in California

Whether you are struggling with opioid addiction, alcoholism, benzo addiction, or another type of substance abuse, Renaissance Recovery’s rehab in California is here to help. At Renaissance, we know that addiction is not easy to overcome, but our staff tries to make the process as easy-going and effective as possible by developing personalized treatment plans.

We serve the greater Orange County area and can provide help to all those in the region including:

Whether you need help with detox, inpatient treatment, or outpatient rehab, sober living, or just an alumni community we can help with all levels of care. Call our team to learn more today and get help for your Xanax addiction or other prescription drug problem today.

Rehabilitation can put an end to addiction

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment.

Get Addiction Help

Addiction is not something to take lightly. It is a problem that can take everything from someone and has a ripple effect that impacts loved ones and family members. The severity of this affliction is why it is crucial to get help as soon as possible. Addiction can go from unhealthy to deadly in the blink of an eye.

Whether you are trying to help an alcoholic spouse or get your boyfriend with a drug addiction assistance, don’t hesitate any longer. The problem may soon get out of hand. Get help now.

California Addiction
Treatment Center

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Start Your New Life
with Renaissance Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, there is a path forward.

Renaissance Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab in California can help you overcome this problem and get a renewal on your life. Don’t let drugs and alcohol dictate your life, call our admissions team to learn more about a personalized treatment plan and learn how we will help you begin your new journey in life today

Rehabilitation can put an end to addiction

Call and ask the facility directly or call your own provider to determine if your insurance covers the treatment at one of the best rehabs in Southern California.

Pat C

“I owe my life and my happiness to these people. October 8th, 2019 marked two years of sobriety for me, and prior to finding Renaissance I hadn’t had 24 hours sober in nearly 20 years.”

Rob H

“They truly cared for me and the other people that I served with! From this group, I have made 8 new brothers and friends for life! We have continued on, after the program, to take care of each other”

Dustin S

“Great staff who took the time to get to know me. They have a lot of experience in this field and have first hand experience with what I was going through. IOP is outstanding and really built up a ton of great relationships and found this program to be a ‘breath of fresh air’.”


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California Rehab FAQ

Visiting California to go to an addiction treatment program has numerous different benefits. California has a lot to offer in terms of activities and weather. For example, all clients will have easy access to outdoor hikes, beaches, retail stores, great restaurants, and more.

Along with these fun activities, clients staying at a treatment program in California, especially in Orange County, will be exposed to a robust alumni community. This addiction treatment community is in place to help all those who have fallen victim to some sort of drug or alcohol addiction. Many people think that the job is done after a stay in rehab, but avoiding relapse and staying sober is just as, if not more, difficult. But, this is where alumni communities can help.

While every situation is different and what works for some may not work for others, there are large addiction treatment communities in Los Angeles, Malibu, San Diego, and Orange County.

Rehabs all throughout the state of California, including our rehab in Orange County, offer clients access to numerous forms of treatment including dual diagnosis, medication-assisted treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more during their time at our intensive outpatient program or even stay at our sober living homes. 

Again, everyone’s situation is different. For some, going out of state, or out of town for rehab is the correct decision to get away from those who are enabling them to use or to distance themselves from the stressors that cause them to use. For others, it is best to stay close to loved ones during this tumultuous time. 

While there is no 100% correct answer to this question, our team at Renaissance Recovery can help put your situation in perspective, help you make the right decision for yourself or your loved one, and even tell you what to bring for rehab.

While California doesn’t have specific laws that allow family members or loved ones to check someone into rehab involuntarily or force someone into rehab, there are other methods you can take to try and help your loved one make a change in their life. 

Staging an intervention is a great first step for helping your loved one recognize and notice a problems in their substance abuse habits.